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Guide: How to Sell Your Product on Instagram?

E-commerce has influenced online shoppers to a great extent. This is the reason why the graph of online shopping has witnessed a boom in the recent few years. Instead of visiting the physical outlets and malls, buyers and consumers prefer shopping for their favorite items online. All they need to do is sit within the confines of their comfort space, visit the product’s website, select the product from a range of choices, finish the checkout process and HURRAY! It’s done. The bought item is shipped to their place within a matter of few hours. It’s as convenient as it sounds!

From a seller’s point of view, online shopping has also become quite contented with fewer complications. In addition to the dedicated websites they’ve created for their products, they can also sell their products on social media. Instagram, for instance, has been regarded as one of the best platforms to sell your products at. It is basically a new way to shop. And trust when we say this – you will actually be chuffed to see the optimum results. By creating a shop of your product on Instagram, you can rake in a decent amount of income in a lucrative way. All you need is a good smartphone, some decent products to sell, and a whole lot of patience. The step-by-step guide to selling your product on Instagram has been described below:

Take a Start

The first step towards selling your product on Instagram would be to create a handle so your followers can know what your store is all about. Put up a relevant photo (probably your shop’s logo) and complete description of your shop. For example, if you’re selling jewelry on your Instagram shop, then the best way would be to give an appropriate name to your handle including the word ‘jewelry’ instead of your own name.

Greet Your Fans

After you’re done creating a handle for your shop, it’s time for you to welcome your fans in an introductory post. You can explain everything about your shop in this post – about your business, the product(s) you’re going to sell as well as the payment methods. The description in the post should be kept precise, covering all the necessary information. By putting up an introductory post, you can save yourself from having to answer too many DMs.

Road to Smooth Selling

Instagram also gives you the option for including the URL of your website on your handle. If you are already running an online store (website) other than Instagram, you can put up the link to your website in your profile and also pull off ‘link in bio’ to redirect users to the website. However, if you do not own a website then there’s nothing to worry. You can always ask users to send you their shipping details and email ID for PayPal via DM if they’re interested to purchase the product.

Put Appealing Content

By appealing content, we absolutely refer to the pictures and videos! Always make sure the photos and videos of your products are clear, well lit, and decently staged before you decide to upload them on your handle. Since it’s Instagram we’re talking about, only high-quality pictures gain more attention and get more likes!

Use Appropriate Hashtags

Hashtags play a key role in getting more likes on your posts on Instagram. Always look around for most trending hashtags for your breed of shop. If you’re selling books, for example, hashtags like #bookstagram and #bookshop will get more eyes and likes to your post. Moreover, you may also follow people who frequently buy from Insta-shops similar to yours.

Have Some Patience

It’s important to be patient after starting your shop on Instagram. Selling products takes time. Unless you’re already a star or an influencer on Instagram, your Insta-shop will not take off overnight. Keep following the best-selling practices, use appropriate hashtags, follow people who might be interested in your shop and then wait for the time when you’ll make your first sale. It might take a bit longer but you need to stay persistent.