Selling Software: The Importance of Code Signing Certificates

Nowadays, you can barely go a day without some sort of digital technology taking hold. With the dependence on the internet and computer systems continuing to rise, the importance of online security is all the more real. It’s crucial that developers fight the threats that are made on products and services on a daily basis, which is why Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates are a vital investment to help verify and authenticate your software.

Code Signing Certificates – ssl

When choosing a relevant SSL package, be sure that you don’t waste money on a certificate that doesn’t apply to you. Read up on the available SSL certificates and ensure your Code Signing Certificate is accurate, precise and honest. If you want to verify your ownership of a product, this is the first step, ensuring your software is valid and can be completely trusted.

Code Signing Certificates are a sure-fire way of guaranteeing customers know that the product they are interested in is the real deal. As a buyer, you want to be able to purchase some software, then download, install and use without any issues, and code signing certificates prove that this is the case.

As a user, you’d be devastated if you had put your trust into an online company and invested in their software only to find it ineffective and containing malicious content. You’d be tracking down the company and wondering why you didn’t check for this all important verification, so how could you expect others to do the same thing with your software?

Code signing certificates can provide an investment for developers, building the company reputation and increasing turnover. Anything that helps your business prosper has to be a good thing, right?

Online software that can be downloaded direct to your computer needs some form of verification – a code signing certificate is exactly that and gives your customers absolute peace of mind that they are in the right place.

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