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SEO Vs SEM – What Are the Differences? Which is better ?

How does they differ?


SEO differs from SEM due to the reason that SEM service is paid having the ability to grant nearly instant results but on the other hand, SEO is more of a long term and organic approach which usually takes a lot more time to earn a higher ranking in a search engine that you are aiming at. The instance of a fruit tree is probably the best option to describe SEO. The type of fruit that you want would depend on the plant, location and the way you end up for nurturing the tree. After all these have been done successfully, you can easily expect the fruit which you desire. On the contrary, SEM would seem more familiar to neon sign which would glow brightly but only as long as you agree to pay the power bill which would vanish off right when you have stopped paying for it.

Which is the best?

SEO-vs-SEM-Case study and how to

SEO can be observed to be more cost effective which if once achieved, would have the potential to offer loads of long term rewards. It is because once the rank with some search engine has been achieved to a level, it would be no difficulty to hold it at that with minimal effort. Even without any effort as such, the rank would remain the same for months or weeks. Information in SEM can be quickly altered that could meet the needs of some sudden change, a big sale or some special event. Information on SEO is grown, planted and nurtured over a considerable time, just the same as a fruit tree. Once what is grown, shall keep on producing the valuable income that you so require, but changing the tree to a whole different type is impossible besides you will never be able to grow a tree fully overnight. This is where the SEO holds back and is never a quick fix for anything.

Understanding with an example

If you take fish food to be the example, SEO would make selling your fish food need some effort and time for getting customers come over to your website to use them. SEM would sell the fish food by charging a predetermined fee giving an instant ranking in search engine’s instant ranking paid session.

So both SEO as well as SEM has some great advantages working on their side which has proved to be extremely promising targeting the consumers that fits best for each of them.

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