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Are you a web developer? Do you have your own website? Do you want to start a network of websites? If YES, then you must be having a reliable web hosting company which can serves a best quality of service over the Internet. You blog or your website can leads you to a success path. Here, you are going to see a whole new way to let control your websites or a blog network within you only. Keep on reading.

Server Club

Serverclub is there to let you provide dedicated servers with a nominal cost and a bunch of varieties to let choose the best one for you. It is a very reputed dedicated server provider having a network over the whole world.  If you are new with this word, no need to worry at all. Dedicated server can be defined by A server that is hosted by a company and only allows one company to lease and access it is called a dedicated server. Here, such servers get you the whole control to its client so there is nothing like a messy things with it. No need to contact anyone. If you find out any problem related to this you can easily manage those things.

Dedicated server provides you installed applications, monitoring of the server and applications, firewall maintenance, intrusion detection, data backups, disaster recovery, and a number of other maintenance services with some more. And these are the only reason why most of the people do like to use such dedicated servers. If you are a web developer and spent some bucks in online web hosting you better to purchase your own sever which can give you above services.

Serverclub is there to gives you the advantages of a dedicated server. Mainly serverclub has its own three different plans to choose the best one for you according to your needs. All kinds of users can choose their appropriate plans over this serverclub service to purchase a dedicated server for affordable web host. Let’s collect some information on its plans.

Serverclub’s Plans

According to the need of traffic server club has mainly three different plans.

1. Unlimited Traffic Plan

The very first plan will provides you an unrestricted amount of traffic. With this plan you don’t have to worry about how many Giga Bytes (GB) or Mega bits (MB) your web server utilizes.

2. Limited Volume Traffic

As the name says limited, this plan is for different kind of users. Serverclub will provides you the whole calculated traffic and will gives you the full benefit after choosing the relevant plan. ServerClub calculates the total number of bytes transferred to and from your server. 1 GByte is equal to 1024*1024*1024 bytes. User need to pay per Gbytes to Serverclub.

3.95th percentile

This is a method of measuring bandwidth based on peak utilization. In short by using this method user can choose a plan related to the use of his websites bandwidth and other online works. Serverclub will calculate such things with 1 Mbit per second.

1 Mbit per second equals to 1000*1000 bits per second.

These are the plans of serverclub which are there with different kinds of users. Serverclub is providing a dedicated server for $99 per month which is the lowest amongst the others. It will provide you the best dedicated hosting experience, and the dedicated teams are also there which are available to support you 24*7.


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