What Makes Shazam Music Recognition App So Special

When it comes to music recognition apps, there is nothing better out there than Shazam. Almost every music lover has made use of this app in one way or another. The reason it is so popular is because of its huge library. You can find a ton of songs just by going through it. Music recognition is a huge part of Shazam and due to its huge library, it is able to recognize the songs just by listening to a few seconds of music beat. A lot of other apps have tried to replicate this feature and they have done so, to some extent. However, when it comes to accuracy of music recognition, no one even comes closer to Shazam. Soundhound and TrackID have done a great job of catching up to the excellence of the Shazam, but they are still climbing that ladder.

Shazam’s music library and its accuracy is unmatched right now and it will be quite a while before others can even come close. The best part about people behind Shazam that they are not taking a break even when they are ahead. They are continuously improving the experience, so that the users won’t have any trouble using their offering. They have made the user interface incredibly simple, and it allows all kinds of users to make use of it. It is easy to navigate, and most importantly, it is easy to get where the user wants to. Some apps put way too much detail on the main menu, which makes it claustrophobic and not a lot of people are a fan of it. People want to see all the biggest options presented upfront and nothing else. They want a cleaner UI and that’s exactly what Shazam offers. These kinds of small things have helped Shazam stay ahead of its competition and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Music Recognition System

Shazam has received praise all over the globe for providing amazing service so it comes as no surprise that its song recognition system is fantastic. All you have to do is play a beat of any song while it is in music recognizing mode, and in just a few seconds and it will give you the name of the track and the singer. Shazam’s service is fast and effective and it has been working wonders since its existence. People come across all sorts of music on the radio and on the web, and sometimes, it is difficult to know what they are listening to is actually called. So, for those people, music recognition system of Shazam is heaven. All they have to do is turn on the app to recognize the song. This is as convenient as it can get.

Radios have been a thing for a very long time and people have been craving something like Shazam since then. It was inevitable that someone would come up with an app for it, but it didn’t happen as soon as people had hoped. Thankfully, now, we do have a tool that is actually capable of picking up on music beats and providing a name for the songs. As discussed above, other apps have made strides towards improvements and they have done an excellent job. However, they haven’t been able to come up with the music recognition system that is as accurate as the one being offered by Shazam. It clearly has a leg up on its competition in this category and if they want to dethrone it, then they will need to put some serious effort in improving the recognition system.

Music Library

As expected from an app of this magnitude, the number of tracks available is huge. You can find almost every single song in its database, which is incredibly helpful. With most of the tracks present in the database, it becomes even easier for the music recognition system to do its job. It can easily pick up on the beat and attach it to a song available in the database. This means that not only do people get a name for the song, they can also listen to it without having to go through other apps. It is the example of simplicity and is one of the biggest reasons why most of the users around the globe prefer Shazam over other music recognition apps.

Music library is a huge part of these apps’ appeal and others will need to catch up if they are looking to make a dent in Shazam’s popularity. It is not going to be an easy task, it never is. However, if the competitors really want to make themselves known to the world and really want to compete with Shazam, then they will need to step up their game. Small time music recognition apps just won’t do because people want one app for everything. There is no way most people will download more than one app to perform a similar task. So, in order to get attention, the competitors will not only have to come up with a great music recognition system, but they also have to increase their music library. This is the only way for them to go head to head with Shazam. If they refuse to take these measures, then they will always stay behind Shazam.

User Interface

A large number of app developers ignore the importance of user interface. They try to stuff as much stuff in there as they possibly can, which doesn’t work in their favor at all. People, who are using the app for the first time would be completely lost in a claustrophobic user interface as they will have very little idea of where to go. This is why it is recommended that you always provide minimalistic information on the main menu. Keep it simple and only mention the biggest features. Let the user navigate through short menus afterwards. The main menu should only contain the advertised features because that is what the customers actually want to use. The people behind Shazam realized this factor, which is why they have made their UI incredibly simple to use and understand. You can get accustomed to it in a matter of seconds, and then you can navigate through other features once you are comfortable with the app. This allows not so tech savvy people to make use of the features presented in the app as well, which is a huge bonus. An app should be designed keeping in mind the general public. You never know who might want to use your app, so you must keep it simple for everyone’s sake.

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