Should Kids be Allowed Access to Smartphones?

One of the biggest benefits of a smartphone is that it allows you to carry your personal data anywhere anytime. However, kids don’t have too much to carry around so the question arises – should children really be handed over a smartphone at a fairly young age? To answer it straight – no, they should not. There are a lot of factors that come into play and we will go in detail about each of them.

They Don’t Really Need It

Although parents can give their kids a smartphone and install certain monitoring apps to ensure that kids aren’t abusing their smartphone privileges, it may not be the wisest of decisions. The smart thing would be to not hand them a smartphone because it’s not something that they really need. Yes they want it, probably because all their friends have it, but wanting it different from needing. Knowing that, it is quite baseless to hand them a smartphone just because it’s a trend and everyone’s got one. Furthermore, parents have to realize that kids aren’t that smart and would most likely share their number with everyone at school. They might do it to socialize, but you cannot really trust the intentions of other person. So until kids learn to be responsible and careful with use of smartphones, they shouldn’t be trusted with one.

Misuse of Internet

Smartphones grant kids access to the internet, thus opening the door to myriad dangers ranging from pornography to risky interactions with strangers, including child predators. Curious, reckless and impulsive by nature, kids can land themselves in difficult situations by not being careful on the internet. Parents may have a number of options available to them for reducing the risk of kids putting their safety at risk, but simply taking away their smartphone privileges is arguably the most effective solution.

Smartphones can be Distracting

Even though most of the users of smartphones are adults, they still get distracted by new features, apps and games quite frequently. It is very unlikely that it would be any different for kids. At young age, kids should be learning interesting stuff and participating in physical activities. Instead, they will just find themselves getting hooked to smartphones. This will obviously affect their physical and mental development. Parents must make sure that their kids are going out, participating in different activities and remaining physically active.

Not having a personal smartphone in this time and age may seem like a highly unusual thing even for kids as it is an integral part of today’s social culture. However, parents need to realize that depriving their youngsters of their very own smartphone until they are mentally mature enough for the responsibility is for their own benefit.


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