SimCity BuildIt Review – A Great App for Great Minds

Builder games have become as popular amongst the smartphone users as endless runners, but not a lot of builder games have been able to deliver on the established formula. However, the latest iteration of SimCity comes quite close. SimCity BuildIt for iPad is an amazing entry in the franchise and gives a lot of options to the players. You actually feel like you are running the city as you have control over everything. You have to improve the city in every way possible and options are all there, but you will have to do it in a way that your expenses don’t cross the budget line. This means that there would be some restraints and some compromises will need to be made. On paper, it looks like just another city building title, but as soon as you play it, you realize that there is a lot more depth to it. You cannot just muck about in this game as you will run out of expenses that way before you even know it. This adds a strategic element into the game, as you have to think ten steps ahead before making any move. So, if you want a city building game that really makes you think about every move, then you should definitely try out SimCity BuildIt on your iPad.

Constant Feedback

The best part about SimCity builders is that you are always receiving feedback. Even if you make a mistake, everyone in your cabinet will tell you about it and explain why it was the wrong decision to make. This keeps things interesting as you are not out of the game just because you invested in one wrong place. There are multiple ways to get your economy up and running but for that to happen, you need to keep your people happy, which is never an easy task. Some of your decisions will impact the rich, while some will affect the poor. This process goes on throughout the game because there is just no way to keep them all happy.

Plan Ahead

You will have to take sides a lot of times, and you won’t necessarily be happy about those decisions, but you have to think about the long game. The strategic aspect of SimCity BuildIt is great as it always keeps you on your toes. You are constantly thinking what to improve, what to invest in, what problem should be dealt with first, etc. The fact that this game makes you plan ahead sets it apart from the rest of the games in the genre. Usually, you build stuff and that’s about it, there aren’t any repercussions. However, things are quite different and interesting when it comes to SimCity BuildIt. you have to think about every single move and if you are not careful, you will end up losing your economy and will have to operate under huge losses, which is a nightmare. If you are a kind of gamer who don’t want an easy way out, and are willing to think and strategize every single one of your moves, then SimCity BuildIt is right up your alley.

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