Hack Siri and Google Now through Headphones

Siri and Google Now can be Hacked Remotely through Headphones

Who’d have thought that headphones can also be a threat to your smartphone’s security?

Some of the researchers working for the French government have found an exploit that allows a hacker to take control of Siri or Google Now on people’s smartphone from afar. However, it only works over short distances and requires the target to have headphones with microphone plugged into their phone.

José Lopes Esteves and Chaouki Kasmi, the researchers that found this hack explained it as:

“The possibility of inducing parasitic signals on the audio front-end of voice-command-capable devices could raise critical security impacts.”

The hack can be used to place certain calls and send texts, but it seems that the exploit is in safe hands for now. The team works directly under French government is only trying to avoid this kind of hacks from going public.


Image Courtesy: technologynewsextra.com

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