Skype for Android Improves with Update 5.5

Skype for Android gets Updated to Version 5.5

Among the updates is its ability to save log-in details and show web link previews.

Microsoft updated its Skype app for Android to version 5.5, adding new features and updates and overall making it easier to use.

The Android version of the service has gone through significant improvements in battery consumption and notifications, allowing its users to leave it running in the background.

However, if you want to log out every time you leave, then its new feature is just for you. Since July 13, Skype for Android can save the log-in details of its users, making it easier for them to log in quickly with a mere press of a button.

If you have security issues, then you can change the settings so that a password is needed every time you want to sign into your Skype. Simply go to the settings menu and check the relevant option under privacy settings.

The second update is an addition of web link previews. Within a few weeks, Skype for Android app will display a visual preview of the content whenever a person shares URL with someone. This will help the receiver to decide whether the link is worth opening or not. Mac and iOS users are already enjoying this feature.

Skype 5.5 for Android can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

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