Smart AppLock Android Review

Smart AppLock Review: Secure Your Android The Smart Way

A large number of people rely on their Android phones for doing things like checking emails, doing Skype chat, saving important files, etc. While this offers immense amount of convenience, it also introduces serious security and privacy risks. What if the phone, along with all the sensitive data on it, ends up in the wrong hands? It could trigger a series of complications that you most likely don’t want to encounter. Smart AppLock, formerly called Smart App Protector, provides an effective and reliable way of mitigating this risk. But is the app really for you? Let’s find out in this Smart AppLock Android review.

Lock SMS and Contacts

Smart AppLock does a great job of locking SMS and contacts, preventing others from sneaking into these areas and snooping on who you talk to or what you talk about. With the app on your phone, you won’t really have anything to worry about when lending your phone to a colleague who wants to make an ‘urgent’ phone call, or a friend who simply wants to ‘appreciate’ your phone’s design and features.

Lock Calls

Like AppLock and various other app lockers, Smart AppLock locks incoming and outgoing calls. This means that no one except you can call anyone or attend any call. Parents in particular are likely to find this feature extremely useful as it allows them to ensure that their kids neither end up calling any number they come across, nor attend calls from unknown numbers.

Lock Gallery

Lock Gallery is yet another handy feature that gives you the much-needed peace of mind by restricting access to pictures, much to the disappointment of invasive partner, friends and colleagues. The app even takes a picture of any unauthorized person the second a wrong password is entered to access the Gallery. This image is immediately sent to you via email.

Multiple Lock Options

What distinguishes Smart AppLock from other app lockers is the fact that it offers 4 different lock options, including password, pattern, pin, and gesture. Other similar apps usually offer one or two options. It not only locks downloaded apps, but also system settings, which is yet another feature that gives it an edge its rivals.

Uninstallation Prevention

If you have a naughty kid who keeps on messing around, then Smart AppLock is a good option for you as it ensures uninstallation prevention. This feature also comes in handy when anyone tries to snoop on your device. For additional security, you can hide the app icon from the launcher.

User-Friendly Interface

Smart AppLock is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy accessible for even those users who generally struggle to get the hang of technology. A couple of taps and slides is all that is required to benefit from the app.


This app supports Android version 2.3 and up.

Lock Play Store

This nifty app allows you to lock Google Play Store, as well as any other app store. This means that no one can download or purchase an app through your phone without your permission.


Smart AppLock is a great app with advanced features, which is why it has been installed more than 20 million times on the Google Play Store. It offers just the right features to help you stay relaxed even when your phone is in the hands of someone else.

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