Smartphone Users in Third-World Countries Crave These Features

Most of the people living in third-world countries can’t really afford the overly expensive phones, and quite frankly, most of them don’t even care. Not all of them want a sleek design, 4K display, or the latest version of the operating system. So what do they really want then? Well, the features required by a large number of smartphone users in third-world countries are very specific and might surprise you if you’re among one of those customers who does a thorough research before a new handset. Let’s dive into the features that people from underprivileged countries want and why these features are on top of their priority list.


Price is obviously a huge concern for the people in third-world countries because almost 70-80% of those people can’t pay for the overly expensive offerings, and there are rarely any facilitations like installments on offer. This is why they are always on a search for a budget phone that provides them with the most basic features. Fortunately, the smartphone market is not restricted to any two brands anymore as now there are a bunch of options available for the users. This has led to the creation of a number of budgeted smartphones that provide almost the same experience as any high-end phone. Now even the price-conscious customers can get their hands on a smartphone, something that was almost impossible not too long ago. Price is an issue everywhere, but it’s way more complicated in third-world countries because not a lot of people can afford them. So, if a smartphone company wants to make it in such countries, then it will have to come up with a price that suits the people in that part of the world.


Now that social networking sites have become an integral part of global culture, everybody wants to look good on them. Due to this reason, most of the focus of third-world population is on getting their hands on a smartphone that boasts an amazing camera. This way, they can take share their photos with their friends and family on regular basis. A good camera goes a long way as there’s just too much demand for it. Most of the people who are not well versed with smartphones only ask about its camera, and are not bothered by anything else. And by good camera, they typically mean a camera that can make them look good in pictures. Factors like pixels per index (PPI) and optical image stabilization (OIS) are mostly ignored or considered irrelevant.

The Look

Now don’t get this point confused with design or display of a smartphone. People only want to know how the phone will look while they’re holding it in their hands. This trend seems to be catching on as nowadays almost everyone wants a phone that looks good, and more importantly, expensive. Samsung has been stubborn in their design for a long time, but this trend has even forced them to give a new sleek look to their more recent phones. It’s important to have awesome features in the phone, but how it actually looks is equally important. People have become extremely conscious about their phones, and now they just aren’t willing to settle for anything mediocre. More often than not, only the design is visible to people around the users, which is why they have started to care more about how it looks rather than the features.

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