SMPlayer Review

SMPlayer Media Player: Not Everything Great has a Price Tag

SMPlayer 2016 has gained a huge fan-base, and that too for the right reasons. It comes with a ton of unique features that you will not find anywhere else. You can playback most of the audio and video formats on it just like most media players, but this tool goes out of its way to provide users with awesome new functions. You can use it to stream videos, browse the internet, use internet radio, and play YouTube videos. Anything related to videos are welcomed on this platform, and if you’re a playback fanatic, then SMPlayer is just the tool you need.


SMPlayer works brilliantly and doesn’t need a lot of internal memory, allowing you to operate various programs and playback on your system simultaneously. However, if you want to run its internet connected features like radio, YouTube videos, or streaming, then the performance could go down depending on the PC specifications and the speed of internet.

Supported Video Formats

SMPlayer supports almost every single video format out there. The best part about this solution is that it’s all first party. This means that whenever you run a format which it doesn’t support, then it will just go through its directory and find the codec you’re looking for. You will not have to do any kind of search or go through third-party codecs.

Shortcut Keys

There are a lot of functions in SMPlayer, which makes it nearly impossible to map them all on keys. However, most of its features can easily be controlled through the shortcuts. You can pause, play, skim forward, skim backwards, change audio, change subtitles, and do a lot of other stuff just by using your keyboard, which is a huge help for a lot of users.

Smooth Playback

Everything works without a hitch on SMPlayer because it doesn’t really need too much RAM to operate. However, in some instances when there are a lot of functions running on a computer at the same time, then the playback might stutter for a bit. If the computer is running normally with just a handful of other tasks, then there wouldn’t be any issue and your experience would be smooth.


You are allowed to zoom into videos so that you can get a clearer view of what’s happening on the screen. Small-scaled videos are hard to look at, which is where zooming feature can come in pretty handy. The HD full-scaled video can also be zoomed for a better view.

Aspect Ratio

There is an option that enables you to adjust aspect ratio as you see fit. Not all the videos are scaled up to your display screen, and this is where you will need to change the aspect ratio. Good thing is that SMPlayer allows you to do just that.

Manual Audio Sync

If you’re watching a video in which the audio is out of sync, then you can manually fine-tune it so that it syncs up.

Manual Subtitle Sync

Just like audio, subtitles can get out of sync too. With SMPlayer you will be able to tweak it until it’s perfectly synced with the playback audio.

Time Stretch

You can speed up the video, slow it down, put it in a loop, and do so much more because this media player hands all the control over to you, and then you can do anything you want with it.


All in all, SMPlayer is a brilliantly designed tool that caters to all kinds of users. If you have knowhow of optimizing audio and video, then you can do so easily. On the other hand, if you’re someone who just wants to play media content and enjoy it, you can do that as well. Furthermore, there are a lot of internet-related features that you won’t find in any other media players out there. So with a ton of great and some really unique functions, SMPlayer comes highly recommended.

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