Snapchat’s growth has slowed down with the launch of Instagram stories

Snapchat was considered one of a kind social media sharing app as it enabled users to share their live stories with their friends. It allowed users to live in the moment. The same stories disappeared within twenty-four hours. This app had been doing incredibly well until Instagram stories launched in summer 2016.

Instagram launched the same feature back in 2016, giving a tough competition to Snapchat. The growth of Snapchat severely got affected and also dropped with the launch of Instagram stories. Instagram gained a lot of popularity when it introduced its stories feature for the world.

Even though Instagram could not rule Snapchat by adding the puppy filter, the latter feels threatened that it may soon add the same filter in its story feature. There is no denying the fact that Instagram is way more popular than Snapchat because users usually have more followers on their Instagram account as compared to their Snapchat. And due to the same reason, users get more views for their stories on Instagram.

Not only this, Instagram will also soon launch its multiple-photo gallery feature. This feature will allow users to scroll and see multiple pictures in the gallery by swiping horizontally on one picture. Interestingly, users can also view Instagram stories not only via their mobile app but from their desktop as well.

Users have found Instagram as a more user-friendly app, and there are also no annoying adds that pop up every now and then. Even it is said that the stories feature on Instagram is quite easier to use as compared to Snapchat.

Snapchat is considered as a more casual way of sharing images or videos. Users do not have to be conscious regarding the quality of the picture they’re sharing on Snapchat. Whereas, Instagram focuses on sharing quality content with everyone.

It will be wrong to say that Instagram stories will completely rule out Snapchat from the market because both the platforms have their own benefits, quirks, and challenges. Both of them have their own unique ways of digital marketing. Some companies prefer Instagram for marketing their product or services while others believe Snapchat would serve the marketing purpose for them. Therefore, selecting one out of the two would be unfair to the other.

Having said that, there is no doubt about the fact that Snapchat did greatly suffer due to the launch of Instagram stories.

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