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Snoop Dogg warns Microsoft to fix Xbox Servers or He Will Shift to PlayStation

The warning was sent straight to Bill Gates who doesn’t really have anything to do with gaming.

Whenever servers go down of either Xbox Live or PSN, players get annoyed and rant about it on social networking platforms. Yesterday, when Xbox Live servers were facing issues, the gamer side of Snoop Dogg surfaced, fuming and all, as he posted a video telling Bill Gates to fix the service.

We have toned it down a bit for sophistication reasons, but you can check out what Snoop Dogg really had to say right here. He seems pissed off and for the right reasons. Gamers pay for the subscriptions to play online, but if that’s not happening, then that sure is a cause of distress.

From the look of the video, it seems that Snoop Dogg is an avid gamer himself and doesn’t like when his experience gets interrupted, just like any other player.

As far as his threat of switching to PlayStation is concerned, we don’t think it will bother Microsoft much because these same issues are present on Sony’s machine as well.

Server issues are nothing new. They can occur at any time and can last for hours on end, and the only one suffering from all of it is the gaming community.


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