Social Networking Mistakes You Must Avoid

Social networks have become an important part of our lives, with most of us checking and updating our accounts on Facebook, Twitter, etc. almost daily. This is surely a good way of staying in touch with our circle, but becoming a part of the family consisting of billions of users is a huge responsibility in itself. Unfortunately, the spotlight these platforms offer can tempt us to let our guard down and act recklessly. A moment of stupidity online can prove extremely costly. To save yourself and your loved ones from landing into a complicated situation, you must avoid these social networking mistakes.

Revealing What Shouldn’t Be Revealed

The beauty of social media is that it breaks the location barriers and brings people from all regions, races, religions, etc. closer to each other. The problem occurs when we start revealing our personal information on the public platform in order to get likes, followers, and comments without realizing that hundreds of thousands of people can get access to it. Talking about your married life, kid’s problems, annoying boss, political views, religious beliefs, etc. with people you do not really know makes no sense.

Talking on Sensitive Issues

The fact that social media has billions of users places responsibility on our shoulders, as the posts we share, comments we leave, statuses we add, photos we share, or any other activity we do on social media can hurt the feelings of others. So, you must avoid talking on sensitive topics like religion, political views, sexual orientation of people, their race and ethnicity, financial background, etc.

Using Abusive Language

It has become a trend to use abusive language on online. This is the worst example of freedom of speech. Anyone can say anything on Facebook, YouTube, etc. without realizing that it may be inappropriate for other users. So, it is strongly suggested that you think twice before sharing any post, leaving a comment, or adding a status as what you say represents your own personality.

Adding Strangers on Social Media

Enough with lectures on ethics, let’s talk about security and privacy now. Most of us feel butterflies in our stomach when we see a notification for a friend request. The happiness and excitement doubles if it is from the opposite gender. Sadly, majority of the people accept the friend request sent by strangers thinking that it’s good to have a bigger social circle. This is neither safe nor smart, as they may be stalkers, predators, or some other kind of cybercriminals looking to steal your social identity, or to misuse your personal information. It is strongly advised that you add only those people on your social media account who you personally know.

Setting Your Profile Open to Public

Almost all the social media platforms give you the freedom to keep your profile private so that only the people who are friends with you, or follow you can get access to your statuses, pictures, videos, posts, etc. Some people consciously set their profile to public, probably to attract more attention. This is similar to inviting others to harm you, as anyone with bad intentions can use your personal information, images, videos, etc. against you. So change the privacy settings of your social media accounts and preferably set them to private to make them safer.

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