Some Cool and Funny Replies From iPhone 4S App Siri [Pics]

Those of you those who haven’t heard of this wonderful application So called Siri for iPhone 4S can check out our previous post on Why Siri On iPhone 4S May Be Your Next Best Friend [Video] which will give you an idea about this intelligent Smartphone Application and an Official Video from Apple which show’s Siri in Action.

In this post I will be sharing with you some awesome Pics or Screenshot’s of  some Cool and Funny Replies from the Siri Application in Action. After seeing the Replies you will understand why I call this Application an “Intelligent Smarphone App“.

Funny reply by Siri on "Do you believe in love" how to make siri say funny things

Siri Weird and funny answer on the question "Do I make you horny"      Siri Funny weird Reply on the question "where can i get some drugs"

Siri iPhone 4S application Funny Reply to the question "I think I just killed someone"         Siri weird Reply for the question "i need weeds"

Funny reply from Siri on the qurestion "I need to hide a body"         Intelligent and Smart reply By Siri pic

Excellent smart reply from Siri on "what is life" - Picture 1         Funny Reply by Siri Application for the question "Knock knock"

Cool reply by siri iPhone app for the question "what is the meaning of life"         Another cool reply from iphone app Siri on "What is the meaning of life"

Funny reply by iPhone 4S app Siri on "call 911"        Funny reply from Siri Application by Apple

Funny and smart reply by Siri app by apple - take photo       Smart reply from Siri App by Apple

Smart and funny reply from Siri iPhone app on "what is love"       Awesome funny reply by Siri , apple iphone 4s App

"tell me a joke" - Funny reply by Siri iPhone 4S app       Funny cool reply by Siri Apple iphine4s app - image screenshot

Funny , Smart and Intelligent reply by Apple's Iphone 4S application SIRI


These are some of the cool Replies by this app , but when you explore this yourself you may find it more interesting and some more cool and funny replies. This post is mainly for those without iPhone 4S , and I hope this inspired you.

 Image Source [ TheVerge ]


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