Sony Bravia LED TV : A First Look at its Features and specifications

Recently I visited my uncle’s home since he was calling me so many times to help him with the lap top. It was affected by numerous number of viruses and malwares.  Anyways I just installed avira anti virus and most of the problems well solved in a go. Going there blessed me in another way as I got chance to unbox an all new LED television (sony bravia) which they bought and i got the chance to set it up for them. Well am someone who told good bye to my tv long back the day since i got my computer.  With the new streaming features provided my different websites its almost a good bye to tv, even for the cricket , the last thing i used to use my tv for.  Well ,but I did missed on some improvements happening out their in world.

Sony Bravia LCD TV

Mixing up tv and internet is an awesome science that can create an ultimate entertainment experience. It was a time for revisit on google tv,3d displays,different led tvs and so on. This revolutionzed tv’s wil surely change our life , thats for sure. Well lets get back straight to bravia , a stuning entertainment machine which i fall in love right at the first sight.

PRICE RANGE : Price differs as for sizes and so on you can google up prices for specific sizes anyways the one which am talking about is a magnificent tv with 80 inch display size. That’s pretty kwel considering televisions most people use.

Why to Consider Buying this Television

I fall in love with the television not only for the looks but also its features. Setting up the television was a piece of cake with the instruction label stating about screwing the stand to tv set. But for wall setups its advised to consult a technician. After the perfect positioning your tv can be switched on. The start up might take a 40 sec delay when using for the first time for the internal configurations and also you can adjust the tv by bending it sidewise and to top. Now its time to watch TV and see hows the display and all.

display qualities: I didn’t got to experience the full power of tv since I didn’t had any hd videos with me, not a dth connection available. The tv featured full hd and the display is face of led. anyways its advisable to use dth connection to get the enchanced picture quality  also sony’s  x-reality engine converts even normal pictures and videos to more quality pictures.

connectivity:  The tv features multiple usb ports, all the normal video audio outputs and inputs, 3-4 hdma connectivity slots. You can also connect wlan using wired or wireless mode. Secure wifi connectivity is also allowed. The wlan powers up the internet connectivity for the television, while usb allows users to play videos,music or photos.

software: The software which operates the machine is pretty kwel and features a very nice UI. You can easily switch back and forth through different features offered by telelvision. It offers sound enhances, picture quality controllers and also favourites and guides to keep your content orgranized. Sony bravia got apps lke track id, dedicated skype application , web browzer and content explorer and option for updating the software when ever an update become avilable.

hardware: With all the  necessary slots and features, the shiny black bravia interface features a clean machine which is pretty sleek and slim. The tv is easy to move around and don’t weigh too much and display and looks and pretty clean and pretty.

Anyways am not dragging on this much.  I just wanted to tell , this television is something worth considering if you are planning on buying a new tv. It can convert your home to a pretty mini theater if you add up some spicing to the sound systems and so on. Well, this tv do provide an enchaced set of possibilities which still left for you to open and explore as for like incredible HD gaming and so on.  Also you will really enjoy some features which i enjoyed but missed out in the hurry as for like presence detector which turns of the tv after specific time when the machine don’t detect anyone’s presence near by. You can checkout more of its features From the Sony Website (CLICK HERE to visit).

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