Sony Ericsson Zylo (w20) : Review

Sony Ericsson Zylo is a 2.6-inch Walkman phone that features YouTube integration, a 3.2-megapixel camera and Sony’s PlayNow download service. HSPA 3G mobile internet is present, though there’s no Wi-Fi connectivity. Its Display has Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate and  Scratch-resistant surface for preventing any scrach on the mobile screen. It has an internal memory of 260 MB and external memory of about 16 GB micro SD can be accommodated.

Sony Ericsson are probably hoping to start bringing up the next generation of loyal users. You know, give a kid a walkman and they will be coming back for more. The Zylo has the catchy beat and the good looks – and it’s got the social bug. Music and social networking are perhaps top of the young user’s list of needs and the Zylo meets them at a canter.

But besides that, Zylo is a phone for the brokenhearted. A thing to help you remember. And we need to give it to Walkman phones – there is much to recall fondly. Whether Sony Ericsson are about to breathe new life into the W-brand or just shaking the dust off an old prototype that never got into production, the Zylo deserves credit for keeping the Walkman spirit alive.

More amusingly, the Zylo comes preloaded with ‘sounds’ that can be played in the background of calls instead of music, including ambient office noises and car sounds, should you ever need to pretend to be at work still, or or broken down by the side of the road. Its beautiful and cool looks are one of the main reasons this phone is popular.

Because Google Maps (with Latitude) and camera geotagging is supported, you might be led to believe that GPS in onboard, but you would look a fool. All location services rely on mobile triangulation alone. Other of its features includes  Predictive text input,Picture editor/blogging , easy social networking (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter applications) and much more.

With a built-in email client and revamped threaded SMS view,MMS, Email, Push Email, IM its clear that no one is being forgotten for features. With the 3G with it , Zylo also supports Video calling .The Zylo is available in silver, black and pink, and it costs for around £90 (Rs. 8500) , which is not bad for the features it is giving . Zylo can also be found  in many other owsome colour combinations like Jazz Black, Chacha Silver, Swing Pink, Energetic Black, Meteorite White and Nebula Red. But overall I will give this phone 6.5/10.

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