Sony HandyCam DCR-SR88E and DCR-SR20E :Hi-Tech HandyCam Review,Comparison and Features

Handycam’s are becoming a trend in nowadays because of their high quality and variety of applications.One of the leading company in this field Sony introduced its High -Tech cam DCR series to the market inorder to compete with other companies. The newly introduced cams are having variety of features which will definitely attracts the youth.

Sony Handycam DCR-SR88E and DCR-SR20E review , features and video comparison

In order to share the  advanced  imaging technologies from Sony’s digital camera line ,the newly introduced two handy cams are containing most modern features like face detection, allocate more pixels to images for the best possible picture when people are the subjects. It will definitely help to take a high quality picture even in the absence of required amount of light.

Other technologies  include sensors that utilize the column analog-digital conversion to minimize the picture noise. This will help in preventing the entering of disturbing and unwanted sound in the videos and that will make the videos more user friendly. Together with the high processing speed and noise reduction capacity ,new camcorders produce high resolution videos and photos with natural color reproduction and rich details.

These extra features are making the Sony digital cams different from other brands. Sony always concentrate in making the electronic equipment’s with superior  technologies. The newly introduced cams DCR-SR20E and DCR-SR88E are the latest to the handy-cam markets. The latest technologies using in both the new cams are developed by Sony itself and it will make a huge impact in the market.

More than the mentioned features these Hi-Tech cams containing some extra features too. A USB port allows transfer of  files to DVD burners and recorders. This will help the user to copying the contents more faster than other cams at this grade. The recording time is around five hours for the in-built hard drive with option of media cards. It also offering a wide range of video editing options. The video editing options make the cam more attractive to the youth.

Sony HandyCam DCR-SR20E features, Review and Price [ video review ]

Sony HandyCam DCR-SR20E

DCR-SR20E contains great features like 80GB HDD and 1/8 CCD with advanced HAD technology. Charge coupled device ( CCD ) which is the most modern form of imaging capturing technology.CCD works like the human eye and it will individually sense the basic colors red, green and blue. DCR-20E contains Sony 50x optical  zoom lens which captures more telescopic objects. The slandered retail price  of this product is 14,990 rupees.

 The other one DCR-SR88E is much more advanced than the DCR-SR20E . It contains a hard disc of 120 GB and Carl Zeis 60x Optical Zoom Lens.The optical zoom lens as mentioned earlier helps to capture the images which are telescopic and at wide angles.The another important feature of this handycam is the face detection mode.That is face detection mode enable to capture the face by sensing automatically.Picture motion browser is another important feature of this model.

Sony HandyCam DCR-SR88E Review , features , comparison and Price [ video ]

Sony HandyCam DCR-SR88E

Picture motion browser in this model will helps to access the pictures and videos more fastly.The image management software using in the PC is using in this cam by Sony and it makes the product more attractive.The retail price of the product is 23,990 rupees.

The newly introduced products to the Indian market is expected to attract the youth because of it’s Hi-Tech features and rich quality. The company is waiting for the feedback from the market. The extra features is expected to boost the sale of Sony handycam in the Indian market.

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