Sony Has Now Shipped 63.3 Million PS4’s Worldwide

Sony just revealed its first fiscal quarter report and results are impressive. However, the tech giant was unable to meet its goal for overall PlayStation 4 sales.

Only 3.3 million units were sold during this time and Sony understood that the potential of sales was pretty low as there weren’t many first or third party titles released during last three months. The tech giant is not that disappointed though as it realizes that it missed its 3.5 million goal by a small margin.

Sony had sold 60 million units before the start of this fiscal year, which means that these 3.3 million unit sales has brought the total number up to 63.3 million, and that’s a lot. Especially if you take into consideration last generation where PS3 took its sweet time getting to 60 million mark.

Failure in sale expectations has led to more realistic forecasting as Sony now hopes that 18 million units will be sold in the remaining nine months. Previously, the tech giant was predicting that it will surpass 20 million by this fiscal year’s end.

The console sales were down but that didn’t stop software sales by any means. In fact they saw an increase of 5.4%. Most of the revenue generated by Sony comes from software sales, so they wouldn’t really mind selling fewer consoles as long as the software sales remain consistent.

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