Sony Unlocks the 7th Core of PS4

Sony Unlocks 7th Core of PS4

With more CPU power, upcoming games’ performance will be improved.

PlayStation 4 boasts an octa-core processor. With six of these cores available to be utilized by the developers, while the remaining two catering to the operating system. However, this mechanism has changed as of late as Sony has opened a part of 7th core for games. This means that the developers will be able to extract more power out of PS4 processor than before.

Sony was already outdoing Microsoft’s Xbox One in terms of resolution and frame rates on six cores, so you can well-imagine what 7th core would bring to the table. Microsoft cannot unlock their 7th core now because they already did that at the start of this year, but it still wasn’t enough to bring it toe to toe with PS4 in terms of resolution.

Although Sony hasn’t officially communicated unlocking of another core, but a post spotted on Beyond 3D Forum clearly gave it away. A changelog for FMOD audio middleware contained the following information.

“PS4 – Added FMOD_THREAD_CORE6 to allow access to the newly unlocked 7th core.”

This is certainly a good move as it will help developers get more out of PS4 and put some more assets into their games.


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