Sony Xperia Z Review : Price, Features and Specifications

It is the season of smart phones with new releases like the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and S3 and Nokia Lumia series. So why Sony should be left behind? Recently Sony announced the release of its new smart phone, the Sony Xperia Z. This android 4.1 version phone hopes challenge its counterparts in Apple and Samsung. The 4G enabled phone comes with a sleek design which definitely matches up to that of the iPhone. It has a flat rectangular design with slightly rounded edges and glass panels on both sides.

Sony Xperia Z : review , specification , features, price

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z doesn’t lag behind when it comes to size. The screen is a good 5 inches, which makes it bigger that the iPhone but smaller than Galaxy Note 2. It’s not all that inconvenient to hold in your hand as despite its size, it is surprisingly lightweight. It is slightly thicker than the iPhone but thinner that Galaxy S3. Of course with the nice wide inch display it cannot lag behind in the picture and video quality. Matching up to other smart phones, the Sony Xperia Z has a brilliant 1080p HD display which offers crystal clear image and video quality. It is packed with Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core 1.5GHz processor and 2GB RAM that promises unhindered and fast performance. It has a 16GB built in memory and an expandable memory of up to 32GB via micro SD slot.

Brilliant as the features are they are similar to its counterpart. So what exactly makes this phone different? Firstly its camera is beyond brilliance. Seldom seen in a phone, the Sony Xperia Z offers a 13.1 MP rear camera and a 2.2 MP front camera. The Sony Exmor RS mobile imaging sensor provides great low light imaging. Also the phone supports HDR for videos. This generates high quality images and superior videos. The next and perhaps the most striking feature of this phone is that it is water and dust resistant, another quality that most smart phones lack. This is mainly attributed to the tempered glass panels on both sides of the phone. This however hinders the ability to remove the battery from the device.

One of the few disappointments is the android 4.1 Jelly bean software. This partially sets Sony back as the next version, i.e. 4.2 is already out in the market. This could greatly affect sales of the product. Sony Xperia Z Price is around 35,000 INR (approx. $650 ) which compared to iPhone 5 is still less.

As far as the battery life of the phone is concerned, it is similar to most other smart phones in the market but Sony Xperia Z offers a unique feature called Battery Stamina Mode that increases the battery life by up to four times. This is achieved by shutting down all the background apps and thereby saving power. One can select the apps they wish to work in this mode for convenience.

The phone comes in three colors, black, white and purple although the color is not prominent on the front panel. To summarize, this is indeed a good smart phone introduced by Sony as a challenger to the iPhone and Galaxy series although its ability to take the lead in the smart phone market entirely depends on their marketing of the product.

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