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Spector 360 Review: Protecting Your Business Interests Was Never Easier

Increase in the use of computers and internet in workplaces has created new opportunities for rogue employees to hurt their employer and the company in general. Employers need to be well-equipped to catch the culprit red-handed before it affects the productivity of the organization. When it comes to employee monitoring, using monitoring software with the right features is the obvious way to go about it. This brings us to Spector 360, a digital solution that gained popularity due to its extraordinary employee monitoring features. Let’s explore Spector 360 employee monitoring software and access its features and ability to cater to employers’ business needs in detail.

Prevent Data Leakage

Data leakage is a serious threat for the organizations. It is not uncommon for employees to take confidential data of the company with them when making a switch within the same industry. Spying is also very common in the business world where corporate spies are deployed to gain or rather steal competitive advantage. How Spector 360 resolves this issue is really impressive. It monitors the use of printer and checks every mail. If there is a sudden increase in the use of printer or any employee is sending large number of emails with hefty attachments, there are high chances of data leakage. Spector 360 pinpoint these indications and then reviews the email record as well as printing details to make sure the documents do not belong to the company.

Improve Work Efficiency

Spector 360 improves the work efficiency of employees in two ways. Firstly, it monitors the digital behavior of every single employee and creates a detailed report so that the employer knows what his employees are actually doing on their computer. Those who use social media or perform personal activities online can be given warnings. This practice automatically discourages employees from wasting time online. Secondly, the software provides detailed summary charts highlighting the digital footprints of employees. These charts can be used to point out the weak points of employees so that they should be given training accordingly.

Track Employee Location

Perhaps one of the most notable shortcomings of Spector 360 is its inability to track employee location. So if employees are abusing the absence of supervision when away from office premises, especially those who work in the field, there’s no way to gather evidence against them.

Greater Awareness

Spector 360 has an extraordinary reporting mechanism. All the information gathered through it can be seen in the form of charts, and it also detects patterns and trends. You can now know who arrives late in office or leave early or who play games and do online shopping on office computer. In addition, it determines best business practices by closely monitoring the top performers. In addition, you can now do customized searching with its search option.

Limit Risk and Avoid Litigation

Spector 360 acts as a shield for the company, protecting it from the lawsuits. It is especially beneficial in cases when employee accuse the company of anything. Harassment cases can also be dealt with using this software, as it monitors the conversation and emails of all the employees. Employers can use the information gathered by this software as evidence in the court of law. It also makes sure that the employees are not using company assets for illegal purposes.

Alert upon Specific Events

This monitoring software records the log in and log out information of every employee. In addition, it also tells if the user is active or not by monitoring his keyboard and mouse use. The good thing about this software is that you can customize its settings for each employee depending on the information you want.

Supported Platforms

This employee monitoring application supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.6 and other higher versions.


Overall, Spector 360 is a good monitoring application with advance features. It not only log information but also saves and review it for future use.

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