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SpyAgent Review: A Powerful Employee Monitoring Tool

Giant companies are often haunted by giant problems, and as it so happens, most of them are related to employees. The business owners need to have an eagle eye to keep the business running smoothly, which is not always possible as there are a lot of other business responsibilities that a business owner has to fulfill. This is where an employee monitoring software comes in. It minimizes all the problems related to employees, be it discipline issue, performance problem, or any other general issue. SpyAgent is one of its kinds when it comes to employee monitoring. Let’s have a closer look at what it puts on the table in this SpyAgent employee monitoring software review.

Prevent Data Leakage

SpyAgent knows how to prevent the assets of the company from falling into the wrong hands. Its advanced features best serve the issue of data leakage. It keeps a record of every file being uploaded and downloaded by the employee in order to make sure that sensitive information is not being transferred. It intelligently takes screenshots every time the mouse is used, or when a new website opens. It also saves the emails sent and received, along with their attachments. If any employee is sending a large number of emails with heavy attachments, the employer takes it as an alarming sign and look at these emails. Apart from this, it keeps a check on the documents printed, as well as the employee who used the printer.

Improve Work Efficiency

SpyAgent improves work efficiency in several different ways. It monitors every single online activity performed by the employee, be it an online conversation, web browsing, uploading and downloading files, mouse clicks, microphone activity etc. It also tells when the employee is active and when he is not making any use of the mouse. Another distinguishing feature of this employee monitoring software is that it also records online conversation done through the microphone. Furthermore, it even records surrounding sounds, though this feature gets activated only if the audio frequency increases up to a certain volume as specified by the employer. All these activities collectively provide detailed information about the performance of each employee. The fact that employees are being monitored makes them more productive, as no one wants to get caught red-handed playing games or performing personal activities online. This information can also be used to highlight the weaknesses of each employee so that they can overcome them. All this directly leads to an increase in work efficiency.

Track Employee Location

This software does not track the location of employees, so it is not suitable for those companies whose business involve outdoor work. However, it can monitor the online activities of employees even if they are working far away from the office.

Greater Awareness

SpyAgent has made it possible to monitor every employee individually without the need to be physically present around them. It logs the website activity of employees so that the employer should know what his employees are doing at any given time of the day. It also creates a list of applications used by the employee, along with the exact time when he used it. It also captures images of employee’s surroundings using the webcam, a feature that is rarely present in an employee monitoring software. Its ease of use is what makes it a good option for businessmen. If the administrator is too busy to check the logs, then it can also be transferred to USB and to be viewed later, even outside the office premises.

Limit Risk and Avoid Litigation

Every businessman should have a contingency plan for lawsuits as they can ruin the image of the company. Court of law wants evidence and this is what SpyAgent does. The information it collects is kept safe, which can be used as evidence in case of any lawsuit from any employee or any third party. This software also limits the risks a company may face by detecting the fraudulent cases right on time. The good thing is that employer can use the information to prove whether or not any one is involved in any fraudulent activity, something that is not uncommon in the business world.

Alert upon Specific Events

SpyAgent sends the entire activity log on the mail address of the administrator after specified time period. For instance, if you want activity reports after every 30 minutes, then you will get just that throughout the day. The administrator can also customize its settings to receive email alerts on certain events such as when any employee visits a restricted website or uses any application etc.

Supported Platforms

This software only supports Windows, which is its major drawback, as a large number of companies now prefer those employee monitoring tools that work on multiple platforms.


Overall, SpyAgent is a good employee monitoring software with a lot of advanced features. These features work in emblem to relieve you of your employee-related concerns.

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