How to Stay Safe Online This Holiday Season

Roaming around the shopping this holiday season might be a bit unnerving. With jam-packed shopping malls and long queues, one would want to avoid the chaos and rather shop online from their homes.

Online shopping has changed the shopping trend all over the globe. Instead of waiting in the long queues, customers now prefer kicking back on their couches and do their shopping from home. Majority of the shoppers are opting online shopping over the long queues to check off items from their holiday shopping lists.

Online shopping can also be a great way to get benefit from the shopping deals and to avail amazing discounts. In short, it saves your time and energy that you’d spend on a trip to the shopping mall. However, online shopping also has its own perils.

How to Stay Safe Online This Holiday Season

If you want to ensure smooth and safe online shopping, then you need to follow these six tips to stay safe online this holiday season.

Do not Click Suspicious Links


The holiday season is a time when you are bound to receive abundant emails.  Most of them are phishing emails that you need to stay away from. These emails contain links that are often scams leading you to online viruses. Always make sure you read the email properly and also verify the link before clicking it. Even though the link might look enticing where a retailer is offering their product at an amazing price, you should not click the link.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi Networks

public wifi

Free Wi-Fi might seem enticing but you need to beware of it. As public Wi-Fi networks are open, they are accessible by any person. The data shared over a public Wi-Fi network is not considered safe as the internet traffic is out in the open and can be discovered by anyone on the network. You should avoid getting your device connected to a public Wi-Fi connection while visiting a coffee shop, airport, or any other place offering free Wi-Fi because you never know which online hacker gets access to your online data and sneaks into your device.

Create Strong Passwords


Want to stay safe online? Well, it looks like a strong password might be your rescue. It is, no doubt, your best defense online but most people fail to realize it. They do not take their passwords seriously and as a result, suffer greatly when someone gets access to their online accounts. A password should be created after giving much thought and must be at least 10-15 characters long with a mix of lower and upper-case letters, numerical numbers, and special characters.  Create a strong password and make sure you remember it.

Shop from Reliable Retailers


During the holiday season, you may come across various online retailers on the internet. However, it is critical to shop from the websites that are reliable and famous among the online users. Before making a purchase from a website, make sure you go through the user comments and reviews. Take some time to review the website until you are sure the online retailer is legitimate and has received positive reviews from the purchasers. Moreover, always check if the website address includes ‘S’ at the end of ‘HTTPS’ because that’s how you will know if the website is secure.

Stay Up-To-Date


Before you go ahead and conduct online shopping, you need to keep your operating system, software, and all the apps up-to-date. Install any new updates as soon as they become available because they are free from bug issues. Keeping your antivirus software update is also important. New vulnerabilities that allow online hackers to steal your data are always found by the developers, therefore you need to keep an eye on the new updates. By keeping your software and operating system up-to-date, you can repair a key vulnerability and stay safe on the internet.