How to Stop Receiving Game Requests from Your Friends on Facebook?

Facebook has a ton of features for which you receive abundant of notifications every now and then. However, not all of those notifications are of any use to you and can tend to become annoying sometimes. Imagine you’re in the middle of scrolling your newsfeed and you receive a multitude of game requests from a friend. You don’t even play that game but your friends keep sending you the requests. Now, wouldn’t that be too annoying for you to handle?

We do understand that Facebook has become a diverse social media platform, offering enticing features for its users including games. With various kinds of games available on Facebook, people tend to play them alone or with their friends by sending them invites to play with them online. It is quite understandable when you’re not a Facebook game lover and still receive game requests from your friends. In such a scenario, it becomes obligatory to start looking for ways that can put an end to receiving game requests notifications on Facebook. This post will let you know how to stop receiving the notifications for game requests.

How to Stop Receiving Facebook Game Requests Notifications

To stop receiving all the game requests and invites notifications on Facebook altogether, follow the step by step guide mentioned below. The same steps apply for both Android and iOS devices.

Step 1:

Open your Facebook app and login if you haven’t already.

Step 2:

Once you’re logged into your Facebook app, tap the three-dot icon or the hamburger icon present at the top right corner of the app.

Step 3:

Scroll down the options until you come across the App settings. Open it.

Step 4:

After opening the App Settings, tap the Notifications option from the list. A new screen will pop open, allowing you to customize the Facebook notifications according to your needs.

Step 5:

Now, simply scroll down the screen and look for Application Requests. Toggle the button to turn off the Application Requests option. After doing this, you will not receive any game requests or invites on Facebook.

Next time, if you come across receiving unnecessary game requests and invites notifications on Facebook, you know what to do. Simple go through the above-mentioned guide to stop receiving the annoying notifications altogether.



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