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Street Fighter V: A Real Treat for the Fighting Genre Fans

Street Fighter V is the first entry in the series to truly take advantage of next-gen hardware and it definitely shows. The game looks and plays incredibly well for a fighting game, and all the moves you do seem to have an actual impact on your opponents. It’s a pretty fun game to play with your friends, but if you’re only thinking about playing this game in single-player mode, then you should wait a bit because at the moment, there isn’t much to do for solo players. Let’s go in more detail in this Street Fighter V review.


street fighter v review presentation

Street Fighter V looks absolutely fantastic. Frame rates and resolution hold up, providing a smooth experience for the players. The roster is impressive, with you getting an option to choose from 16 characters, all of which are pretty detailed. Furthermore, their unique moves look really good on the next-gen hardware. The stages are brilliantly designed as well and you will see yourself getting immersed in them quite often. All the backgrounds are lively and add a nice touch to the combat.


Most fighting games have never been about story, but strangely Street Fighter V does come with a Story Mode. However, it doesn’t really hold up and falls flat because there isn’t much to do in it. You will fight with other characters in 1 round matches (you can’t increase the number of rounds) and the difficulty is so easy that you will complete it in like an hour and a half. It gets repetitive after a couple of hours, so it’s very unlikely that players will be getting back to it after completing it for the first time. Unfortunately, there isn’t any Arcade Mode, so after you’re burned out from the Story Mode, you will either have to play online or just leave the game. Capcom has assured that more content would be added to the game later on, but not having an Arcade Mode in a fighting game is really mind-boggling.


As far as gameplay goes, Street Fighter V is a gem. Having a roster of 16 characters allowed developers to spend time on each of them and give them a detailed move-set. All of the characters feel unique and even if you don’t like someone, you will still feel tempted to play with them just to see how their move-set feels in the latest entry. Playing as each of the characters is a lot of fun because you’re always learning something new. The developers have completely nailed the gameplay, and if you love fighting games, then you will surely be spending a large chunk of your time in this game.


All in all, Street Fighter V is an amazing game that should be in the collection of any fighting genre fan. However, players who crave solo play may want to wait a bit before purchasing this game. No Arcade Mode is a huge letdown and will surely disappoint a whole lot of players. The likelihood is that it will be added later on, so it’s best to buy it then. At the moment, it is only catering to online players, so only go for it if you’re into it.

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