Systematic load testing – what and why?

Essentially, load testing means measuring the amount of activity your website can support before performance is affected. Load test services such as the one used by NCC Group use scripts to simulate different numbers and configurations of users accessing your site and applications.

This places a demand on your website to successfully measure its response under increased pressure. As a result, this can identify the maximum operating capacity of your website and determine any glitches preventing efficient usability under great pressure.

Do you need load testing?

If you have noticed that you site seems to be unusually laboring, this is most definitely a sign that load testing is required.

Additionally, it is typically good practice to regularly load test your site. This is so you can continuously identify any unknown issues that may have occurred for any number of reasons.

Load testing should not ONLY be thought of as an action you take once the traffic to your site increases or in preparation for any anticipated activity resulting from increased publicity. Testing your website load speeds should be a regular occurrence for a number of reasons:

  • When user experience degenerates, load testing can identify the certain type of activity or what levels of traffic this occurs at.
  • Having this knowledge in advance can help you to prevent any issues from occurring, particularly at a crucial time.
  • This resultantly removes the risk of impact on reputation and revenue through brand damage, user dissatisfaction and loss of sales.
  • The ensuing foresight from load testing can also help in making future budgeting and prioritization decisions.

What type of load testing is available?

Companies such as the NCC Group provide relevant services including ‘Managed Service Load Testing’ to manage and deliver load testing projects on your behalf, delivering expert advice and insight at every step.

There is also the ‘SaaS Load Testing’ service allowing you to use the company’s load testing platform and comprehensive portal to provide you with the tools to plan and manage your own load testing project.

Load testing is a crucial stage in the development life cycle of your website. It helps to safeguard your site from disintegrating beneath a heavy load. Different load testing providers can tailor solutions to your site’s needs, personalizing the service somewhat.

Be sure to understand the fact that load testing is a recurring requirement to continually ensure the best possible performance from your website.

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