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Ten Reasons Apple Can Become the Biggest Comeback Story in Tech History

A lot of people would think of “phones and computers” when they hear the word Apple. What was earlier known only as a fruit is now synonymous to the giant corporation that excels in producing world class electronic gadgets. However, reports indicate that Apple’s stock is

Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 : Which is the Best Smartphone in The World ?

We are going to display the best of the best smartphones side to side. You will be the judge as to the crowned king being the top Smartphone in the world. Here, we will be talking about the iPhone 5 from Apple and the Samsung

Top 5 Tablets for 2013 : Top 5 Tablet reviews and features

In this post I will share top 5 tablets for 2013 which I found interesting. You will get lots of tablets in the market from different manufacturers, but you must be curious to know which are best. So we have choose these 5

Apple releases iOS 5.1.1: Includes many bug-fix for iPod Touch , iPhone, iPad

iOS 5.1.1 Released today by Apple. The new release includes Bug fixes for iPod ,iPad and iPhone devices. This update fixes Bugs in the Airplay video Playback Application along with fix for the Bugs in iPad.

Facebook App For iPhone Features : Some 10 Easy Tips and Tricks

For those people who use their iPhone to surf Facebook might have got an update notification some days back regarding the upgrade of the old iPhone app to Facebook Timeline supporting app. The new Facebook app for iPhone , ie , iPhone app version

Apple vs Samsung, who will come out on top?

The debate between the two giants of the technology world has been raging in ten countries for a while now, and it seems as though Samsung is getting ready to gain the upper hand. Amid copyright battles, in which Apple claims that the South

Free Higosoft Youtube Downloader for Mac

Higosoft Free YouTube Downloader for Mac is a totally free tool for Mac users to download any videos from YouTube. Everyone likes to download video from Youtube to play with multimedia device, but not all people know how to download the youtube video easily!