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Some Cool and Funny Replies From iPhone 4S App Siri [Pics]

In this post I will be sharing with you some awesome Pics or Screenshot's of some Cool and Funny Replies from the Siri Application in Action. Afte...

Why Siri On iPhone 4S May Be Your Next Best Friend [Video]

With the Release of the iPhone 4S , apple introduced a remarkable Application Siri. Siri is an Easy to use , intelligent Application for iPhone 4S ...

Benefits of the Newly Launched iPhone 4S

We’ve been using smartphones and none seem to compare with Apple’s iPhone series. There just seem to be new things to be unveiled in the iPhones as...


iphone 5 can wait cause here comes iphone 4s

Learn about the new iphone 4s features, price, availability and specifications. Iphone 4s features a stunning ..