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5 Chrome Extensions to take screenshot of any webpage

5 Chrome Extensions to take screenshot of any webpage

Are you tired of using Print Screen from your keyboard and editing your screenshot’s using Paint or Photoshop or any other photo editing application ? Are you in need of a much simpler way to take screenshot’s of your web pages and share it with your friends instantly ? Then you are at right place. In this post I will show you how you can take screenshot of webpage using your chrome browser much simpler than you might have thought using Chrome screenshot Extensions.

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12 Tips To Maintain a Virus Free Computer

Is your computer running slower than it should be? Do you often get mysterious error messages? Are you not able to run certain programs? If so, then there is a chance that your computer is infected by a virus. This is one of the major problem faced by almost all users across the globe. There are many kinds of viruses, worms and trojan that may infect and harm your computer.