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Blackberry Z10 HD photo

BlackBerry Z10 Review : Features , Price and specifications

BlackBerry is close to enter the battle of its life, and as you will see in my Blackberry z10 review of its new flagship phone, the Z10, it is mistreatment everything in its arsenal to win. perhaps win is that the wrong word; maybe conclusion for BlackBerry right away are some things additional like not […]

Asus EEE Pad Slider review

Asus EEE Pad Slider Review – Is it a Laptop or Tablet?

Looking for a tablet with keyboard, but don’t want to carry around an extra keyboard or dock? If you wish to have a full sized QWERTY keyboard with your tablet but don’t want to carry an extra weight, then choose Asus EEE Pad Slider. This tablet looks like its keyboard less version – EEE Pad Transformer, but with a slider keyboard.

Samsung-Galaxy-S3 Ice cream Sandwitch android 4

First Impression on Galaxy S3 :Review,Features & Specifications

Till date, Samsung Galaxy S3 has been caught many a times in leaks and speculations. Some of the hyped speculations, images and features were accurate while others were quite speculative. But over all, it was thrilling and exciting to get more and more researched as well as leaked material on Galaxy S3. This is what actually built the hype. But now, since Samsung Galaxy S3 is launched, we have official images, specs, features and information about this divine gadget. So, let’s keep things uncomplicated and just read on.

batman arkham city super hero game review

Batman Arkham City : Most Critically Acclaimed Super Hero Game ever [Game Review]

The Batman Arkham City is attributed as one of the most critically acclaimed Super hero games ever by Guinness Worlds records. In this game the dark and the sinister world of batman is portrayed very well by Arkham Asylum and the storyline is based on the comic book mythos. Here you play the role as the caped crusader who fights against one of the most famous villians of all time like Joker and Poison Ivy who wish to take over Gotham City. Game review.