Take Advantage of New Forms of Messaging to Communicate with Customers

One of the issues that are trend lately is the use of instant messaging applications through the use of data rates on smartphones. We can see what our customers have access contact list to this form of communication. So we must take advantage of new forms of messaging to communicate with customers so that we can have another channel of communication open with them.

It is such a good way to tell if we had stayed with them if we had such an appointment and we were delayed a few minutes or an unforeseen event has emerged. A message WhatsApp or GroupM, which are two of the most popular choices can be a good way to keep customers informed. But it is also a way to move an image, voice notes, or our location, for example.

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Especially since the users of these services, which have installed on their mobile terminals tend to use them routinely, acetate or more conventional posts. In this way we can maintain a close relationship and contact as needed without us having to worry about the costs of calls are being shot. This is not to eliminate the telephone conversation but to reduce its duration.

A couple of preliminary contacts by IM can make unnecessary telephone calls and so we can save on call costs . But we and our customers, which is sure to appreciate contact us here, but for them to assume an additional charge.

At the same time as it is an asynchronous communication medium we have no need to respond immediately to an advertisement. That is, if the client demands something from us this means are in the middle of a show with another answer if we do not lose information, we have the message and when we can request more information or claim the client.

It is not derived all customer this way, but rather take advantage of opportunities presented to us, so we have an additional communication channel open with them. Use it or not and depends on you as your clients.