How to Take a Backup of Your Data on Facebook

Facebook has become an integral part of our lives. Our life remains incomplete if we miss out on checking in at a great place, putting a status to express happiness or sorrow, or uploading pictures for our friends to see. If you’re using Facebook for a long time, then you have no idea how much data you must have shared on this social networking site. There must be thousands of pictures that you’ve added on Facebook, a number of statutes that you’ve uploaded, numerous places you’ve checked into and hundreds of friends that you’ve added to your account. All of this makes up a lot of data. Once you realize that you’ve shared a lot of data on Facebook, you would also want to take a backup of it. We will be telling you how you can backup your Facebook data.

Not all the information shared on Facebook is stored in the same place. You will find the data stored in different places. For instance, your timeline would contain your posts, photos, videos, statuses or other interactions. Inbox stores all of your messages and conversations whereas the activity log tells you the record of all the activities you’ve done on Facebook. Wonder if you want to leave Facebook permanently or only want to take a leave from the site, you would never want to lose your data. So, let’s find out how to backup your Facebook data in simple steps:

Open General Account Settings

You have to open the General Account Settings page in order to create a backup of your Facebook data. Click on the small downwards arrow in the top-right of the Facebook menu bar. After clicking the arrow, click on Settings. This will lead you to the General Account Settings page. Here you will see an option to ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’.

Learn More

After clicking on download a copy of your Facebook data link, a new page will open up, explaining what you get after exporting your Facebook data. Here is what information you will get:

  • Posts, photos and videos you’ve shared
  • Your messages and chat conversations
  • Info from the About section of your Profile
  • And more

When you click on ‘And more’, it will take you to a page that shows what data you can access and where it is stored. Simply click on ‘Start My Archive’ to download your Facebook data.

Confirm Your Identity

Never forget that Facebook takes extra care of your data’s security and takes it very seriously. It makes sure to add an extra layer of security so that nobody else can download your Facebook data apart from you. You are prompted to re-enter your Facebook password before you can access your data. Then you have to click ‘Start My Archive’ once again to begin the downloading process.

Backup Your Facebook Data

Once your download is ready, Facebook sends you two emails on the email ID associated you’re your Facebook account. The first email confirms your request for a copy of your data and the second informs you that the download is ready. The second email also includes a link to your archive. Open the link and then ‘Download Archive’ to get access to your data. You will be asked to re-enter your password. Once you’ve entered then consider your job is done.

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