Tango App Review – Find out if this app is better than its rivalries?

Similar to the dance for which it’s named, Tango is designed for two people because it takes two to Tango. However, this app can let users Tango with up to 50 people at once. Just like Kik and WhatsApp, Tango is a messaging app that allows users to make face-to-face video calls. Let’s read the full-fledged Tango app review.

The Setup Process

The setup process for Tango is quite fast and easy. All you need to do is head over to the Apple App Store or Google Playstore and download the Tango app. Users are required to enter their phone number, name, and email address to create a new account on Tango. Once your account is made, the app automatically syncs your phone contacts with the app and makes you see which of your phone contacts are already using Tango. This will help you connect with them over this app.

Audio and Video Calling

Making a call on Tango – be it audio or video – is extremely simple. You simply need to tap on the contact once to begin a call in the audio mode. The contact’s avatar image is displayed on the screen along with four other buttons below the image: one to end the call, second to add video, and third and fourth are the on/off toggles for microphone mute and speakerphone. When you go for the video call mode, the caller’s feed takes up the full display on your phone.

After conducting calls from various cell phones and mobile networks, we concluded that the video quality of the calls made from Tango ranged from mediocre to satisfactory.

Video calls made over Wi-Fi stream better as compared to 3G or 4G. However, audio calls performed better than the video calls as there was less interruption and distortion in the former.

Special Features

Unfortunately, Tango lacks the special features that some of its rival video-call apps offer. For instance, you can have group calls with as many as four people with Fring and ooVoo’s mobile app allows up tp fix callers to share a single video feed. Furthermore, you can use Tango on your phone and tablet but other competing apps like FaceTime, ooVoo, and Skype allow mobile users to chat with the callers using their desktop computers or notebooks as well. Though we’ve heard that Tango has also promised to launch its desktop version very soon. Let’s see when we will get to see Tango for MAC or Tango for Windows.

Our Verdict

As the name says, Tango does manage to unite two callers really well, even if one user is on Android and the other is on iOS. The app works at its best when users stick closely to the Wi-Fi connection. Both audio and video calls are fairly smooth when they’re connected via a strong Wi-Fi connection or mobile network. We would definitely recommend you to try out Tango if you’re looking for a good messaging app. However, do not just stick to this one. There are better options in the market. We still hope Tango improves its calling feature and removes the video calling kinks. Also, an addition of special features to this app will make it look appealing to the users.

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