Technological Advancements to Look Forward to in 2016

Technological advancements in the modern day are inevitable. 2015 saw a bunch of new tech, and most of it was quite impressive. Apple finally increased the screen size of its phones, while Samsung for once came out with a design that actually looked good. SpaceX managed to send a rocket into space and then managed to land it back on Earth. New medicine to cure brain tumor was found, and so much more. The technology breakthroughs don’t seem like they are going to slow down anytime soon as 2016 will bring life to the following technologies.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been a hot topic of discussion for quite a long time now, and although there have been a few gadgets in this category – none of them were able to leave their mark. However, that may change in 2016. This year, we are going to see launch of Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. Both of these devices are amongst the highly anticipated tools for next year. The gamers in particular are eagerly awaiting the arrival of these gadgets. VR will transfer users into a completely new world, where they will be able to experience everything as it is happening in front of them. These tools have a lot of potential and if utilized well, they could become the next big thing in the market. 2016 is the year of VR and both of the tech giants will try their very best to impress the consumers with their offerings.


Two of the biggest smartphone tech giants Samsung and Apple had a pretty good 2015 as their iterations did incredibly well with critics and users alike. Both companies will release their new offerings this year and judging by the changes they made to their smartphones last year, we can safely assume that they will try to outwit each other this year by perfecting their models. Samsung changed its design, which made their phone look stellar, and iPhone 6 had a larger screen, which was being demanded by the fans since forever. This year the competition is even tougher and with names like LG and Huawei in the mix, Apple and Samsung will have to come up with something really spectacular to attract the consumers.

3D Printing

3D Printing is easily one of the greatest inventions of the past decade, but it has really flourished in 2015. Tech giant like Tesla is using them to create engine parts, while SpaceX is using them to build rocket parts. Some creators are even working on a 3D printer capable of creating food through biological material consumption, so the opportunities are endless. 3D printers are capable of doing a lot of things, but they need right materials to get the job done. After garnering huge success in 2015, the year 2016 seems to the best time for these printers to really show what they are capable off. The users have gotten used to its mechanisms and seem eager to let their creativity run loose. So this year, we can expect to see 3D printers coming in handy a whole lot more than they did last year.

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