Technology, Politics, and the General Public: An Interesting Mix

Politics has been here since the life began in this universe and it has seen continuous evolution. Previously, politicians could say and do anything and get away with it without any serious repercussions, but now with technology allowing people to keep them in sights and pass instant judgments on them, treading cautiously has become the order of the day, or rather every day. Social networking sites, news sites, TVs, and movies, all have impacted politics and the political mindset of people big time. Let’s take a closer look at how technology has done that.

Constant Spotlight and Instant Feedback

Politics has become a huge point of discussion lately, which means that politicians have to be extremely careful about what they say or do. One good thing can enhance their following, while a small blunder can really put off a whole lot of people. It has also become possible for them to get feedback on whatever they do or say almost instantly. People talk about them and then they make their voting decisions based on the politician’s statements and actions. If what they are saying is appealing to someone, then they will surely vote for that particular individual, and if they don’t like it, then the politician will either have to change their stance, or come up with an even better explanation and justification for why they’re saying what they’re saying.

Instant feedback is extremely important in today’s politics because if an individual is going about things the wrong way and doesn’t improve themselves immediately, then people will start to lose faith in them. This is where technology pushes politicians to be better as they have to take actions against the wrongdoings, have to do or say something good on regular basis, and have to change their course in case they find themselves on the unpopular path.

The Powerful Marketing Tool

Candidates have to run their campaign, which isn’t cheap by any means. Due to this reason, they need money and this can and has been accomplished by a lot of people utilizing technology. Politicians create their own merchandise, which then is sold through different online stores and is marketed through multiple social networking sites. This helps politicians get money, which they desperately need to run their campaign.

The Role of Media

If someone is praising a politician on the web or on TV, then chances are that candidate is connecting to the people on some level. People are drawn to word of mouth, and more often than not, they believe what they see on the internet or what they hear on TV. So if a politician is getting bad press all around, then their chances to sway the votes in their favor are pretty low.

On the other hand, if someone is getting praised for their work, then people would certainly take interest in that individual, search about them, follow them, and in the end, may very well vote for them. This has lead politicians to improve their performance because they know that even if they stray from their set patch a little bit, people would be at their throats and they would have a hard time pulling themselves out of the tough situation.

Movies and the General Mindset

All sorts of movies are being made these days, be it action, drama, romantic, and even moves on actual events. A movie based on Osama bin Laden’s killing was made, and before that a movie based on 9/11 attack was made, and then there was a movie about Pearl Harbor attack. These movies certainly influence the mindset of those watching them, making them despise the people that are shown as the perpetrators behind such attacks. This mindset matters a lot especially to the politicians.

If a religion or a race or a country has received bad reputation in the movies, then there would certainly be people who would develop hate against them. The politicians capitalize on this hate and smack talk the religion or race or a country to garner more followers. Furthermore, these types of films are great for movie-maker as movies based on real-time events often see a huge turnout, which of course is great for business.  Movies had and most likely continue to have a huge role to play in influencing the mindset of masses, and thus impacting the political stances.

Impact of Social Networks

Social networks just can’t be ignored in the modern day. People spend a large chunk of their time on these networking sites and usually rely on them to get their news from there as well. Whatever they read online stays in their mind, as most of the users don’t even care to know whether what they’ve just read is true or fabricated. So whatever they read, good or bad, influences their mindset. For example, if an individual has read something bad about a politician, then whenever that particular politician is ever mentioned again, likelihood is that individual will react in accordance to what he read about them.

Biases are created really quickly in the modern age because of the social networking sites and there’s just no stopping it. If a Muslim is involved in a terrorist attack, then the hatred towards all the Muslims can be seen on the social networking sites. If any country bombs a place, then that becomes the most talked about thing on the social network and everyone from that country gets hate-comments on regular basis. As mentioned earlier, most people believe whatever they read on social networks, so if a negative facet is shown of a race, religion, country, or an individual, then it spreads to a large group of population. This presents politicians with an opportunity to capitalize on popular sentiments and increasing their own standing among the masses.

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