Top Technology Trends of 2017

Technology is now embedded in every facet of our lives, and it’s only going to expand during 2017. With a bunch of technology trends being introduced last year, this year also promises some exciting changes. Previously, you just downloaded an app and that was it. Later those apps became interactive. Not to forget the intelligent apps. In 2017, we are expecting intelligent apps to really take off. Other than that, robotics industry advanced quite a bit last year, and we can’t wait to see how engineers top their work in 2017. VR couldn’t make an impact last year, but with PlayStation VR launch, things are looking up as well. The year has just started, but the following will most likely be top technology trends of 2017.

Intelligent Apps

Intelligent apps already exist in the shape of Siri and Cortana, but we will see more advancement in this field in 2017. It will no longer be restricted to being a digital assistant, as it will become way more than that. Most of the enterprises are looking to make intelligent apps a support for their products. It will tell them how to navigate through the technical menus, how to access certain stuff, and how to answer simple queries.

At the moment, the only way to get help is through support staff. However, intelligent apps will change that as they will become the front line problem solver for the users. If they are unable to get rid of an issue or resolve a query, only then, the support staff will be contacted. This way, support staff will not have to answer to every simple question, hence leaving them open for more complicated matters.

Virtual Reality

We thought 2016 would be the year of VR, but sadly, that didn’t happen. VR devices that did get launched received great reception but the software availability for them was so scarce that people either sold them back at stores or left them to rot in the basements. The future seemed pretty bleak until very recently Sony came out with PlayStation VR, and Facebook finally launched Touch controller for Oculus Rift.

Sony, with its Japanese backing, has released multiple software for its VR headset, and recently at PlayStation Experience event, they unveiled a bunch of new VR games that would make their way to the device in 2017. Now that software drought for VR has been taken care of, we might see the evolution of VR we have always wanted.

Facebook’s Oculus Rift was a better machine as compared to HTC Vive in every way, but the lack of motion controllers ruined the experience for most users. However, now that Touch is finally out, PC users can finally enjoy VR in its original form. Software availability is still an issue though, but now that more and more people are buying Oculus Rift, things may change for the better during 2017.


Robotics industry has advanced to a stage where humanoid robots have become a regular thing. The industry has managed to create them, and now their goal is to give them intelligence, which doesn’t seem very far away either. There were multiple robots created in 2016 that were capable of answering most of the questions directed at them. Therefore, it would be safe to assume that we will get humanoid form Siri or Cortana in 2017.

2016 was a huge year in terms of technological advancement, and we are expecting things to improve even further. The likelihood is that the aforementioned fields will be amongst the top technology trends of 2017.

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