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Ten Reasons Apple Can Become the Biggest Comeback Story in Tech History

A lot of people would think of “phones and computers” when they hear the word Apple. What was earlier known only as a fruit is now synonymous to the giant corporation that excels in producing world class electronic gadgets. Apple’s stock is gradually falling with people looking at other alternatives. Nevertheless, there isn’t much to worry about because experts predict that Apple can become the biggest once again.

Given below are ten reasons why such a prediction may come true.

1. Design

One of the iPhone’s biggest assets is its sleek design and look. A great number of people use it for how attractive it is and not just the features. Apple’s other products, such as the new iMac 2013 are also very attractive. It is 5mm thin from the edges having a very attractive look. Other manufacturers haven’t been able to adapt to this style yet

2. Innovation

Innovation is one of the major reasons Apple was able to rise. Late Steve Jobs worked hard and brought a revolution giving the company a new lease of life. Jobs may be no more but the company has learnt the importance of innovation from the legend. It will continue to come up with improved products and make a comeback in the market.

3. Goodwill

The sales might have declined but there is no denying the fact that Apple still has a lot of respect. It is looked at as a reliable name in the industry with people still having a lot of faith in it. Its products are waited for with bated breaths because people know that Apple has the potential to come up with something unique.

4. Price

Generally, Apple’s products are more expensive in comparison to other makers; however, with time it slashes its prices in order to increase sales. However, if the company gets into trouble i.e.: unable to sell products due to the high price tag, it can slash the prices lower than its competitors and again rule the market.

5. Competition

Apple has competition, but it knows how to rise above it. The company sent Samsung steamrolling by hitting it where it hurts the most. It has proven time and again that it thinks far ahead of its competitors.

6. New Apps

As mentioned above, the company believes in innovation. There are a large number of apps available for iOS. The new iMac also supports several apps that were earlier limited to handheld devices. Such wide variety of apps allows users to enjoy a unique experience. Thanks to these apps users can watch television on their phones, send files across the globe and do several other things.

7. New Features

Apple has some unique features that are not available anywhere else. The latest iMac offers Facebook and Twitter integration that makes using social networking sites easy for everyone. Additionally, it also offers a Gaming Centre that has a vast selection of games belonging to different genres. The company is trying to cater to every kind of customer so that it can regain its lost glory.

8. Quicker

Apple is among the few producers that come up with new products at regular intervals. Just when a user starts feeling bored, a new product or an upgrade of an old one comes to keep the user glued to it. This is a major reason why one predicts a great future for Apple.

9. More Offers

In order to carve a niche in the market Apple often comes up with unique packages and offers.iPhone users specifically can get SIM plans for their existing phones. These are also known as iPhone SIM only plans. Offers like these help Apple reach new people, including those that need an iPhone SIM only.

10. Others

There are many perks of using Apple’s products. iPhone users specifically can get SIM plans for their existing phones. These are also known as iPhone SIM only plans. Things like these allow Apple to continue to rule the market with an increasing market share.

There is no denying that Apple is here to stay for a long time. It might not be the most shining period for the company. Nonetheless, the odds are in its favour as the future looks bright.

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