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Tesla to Equip All of its Cars with Self-Driving Hardware

Self-driving hardware was restricted to very few cars until today, but Tesla Motors is looking to change that. The company announced today that self-driving hardware will be making its way to every one of their electric cars including Model 3.

Model S and Model X vehicles are also being equipped with autonomous hardware and they will be available in market real soon.

In a statement, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk said that every vehicle their company creates from this point forwards will come equipped with self-driving hardware.

“All cars that Tesla makes from here on out will have the hardware needed to be fully autonomous.”

There have been concerns that autonomous vehicles aren’t really safe, but the tech giant completely disagrees and claims that driverless capabilities of their vehicles are substantially safer than an actual human driver.

Tesla Motor’s autonomous cars have been relatively safer, but this theory hasn’t been tested as widely to come up with such statement. However, now that Tesla is implementing self-driving hardware in every one of their vehicles, we have a chance to see how good their autonomous hardware actually is.


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