Tesla vs. Fisker – Who Will Take the Lead in Electric Cars

Henrik Fisker tried to outdo Tesla back in 2013, and it didn’t really work out for him as his car failed miserably in the market, and forced him to close the whole thing down. However, Fisker didn’t give up on his idea of taking on Tesla and have come back once again, now with an electric car. Electric cars have been a staple of Tesla for quite some time, but Fisker is looking to dethrone them with their latest offerings. Consumer Electronics Show 2018 (CES 2018) is always a major event for the tech industry as people from all over the globe get to share their ambitious projects. Fisker knew that he will be getting a lot of attention here, and he was ready for it. Despite past failures, he is looking for a better future and is expecting that their upcoming electric car can counter Tesla’s offerings. However, that’s not going to be an easy task as Tesla has become well-known for their electric cars, but Fisker has a plan to garner people’s attention.

Fisker’s Plan

Tesla’s electric cars are fantastic, but Fisker is looking to outdo them in both the design and the mileage. His latest creation, which is currently named EMotion, is claimed to travel for 400 miles per charge. On the other hand, Tesla can do 300 miles per charge. That’s not all, the design of EMotion is way more cooler than any of the vehicles that Tesla has put out. All four doors are capable of opening upwards and provide an awesome feel to the owners. The interior is equally fantastic with all the necessary options already preset. Plus, everything has been made as comfortable as possible so that no one has any complaints whatsoever. All of these niceties are great and all, but if you are looking to get your hands on Fisker’s EMotion, you will need to pay 129,000. Tesla vehicles cost 100,000, but are less cool looking than what Fisker has come up with.

At this point, it seems that EMotion is ready to give some serious competition to Tesla. With more mileage, better design, better exterior, and better interior – most people will opt for it. However, due to past history of Fisker, people won’t be ready to pour their money into its newest iteration unless they see how it performs. Henrik Fisker realizes that but he is optimistic about the future. In an interview, he said that “we wanted to show off everything Fisker can achieve when it comes to technology, design, packaging, etc. So for us it was important to bring this car out with all the latest technology.”


Design is a huge factor for the car owners and EMotion is easily one of the best looking cars I’ve seen in a very long time. It looks absolutely amazing and even if you don’t have any interest in vehicles, you can’t helpful yourself – but glare at it. Other car brands were looking into electric cars but they were never implemented at the scale of Tesla. No one has even come close to the design and offerings of Tesla thus far, but Fisker is looking to change that. They wanted their electric car to look the very best and in order to accomplish that, they got all the help they needed. They want the design of EMotion to stand out from the rest and it definitely does. It looks amazing, especially with all four doors capable of opening upwards, it provides a great aesthetic feel to the vehicle. People are gravitating towards EMotion on the CES 2018 show floor and it comes as no surprise whatsoever. The design is just one factor though and although it matters a lot, other factors are equally important. Fisker realized that as well and have put a ton of effort in EMotion’s other features.


When it comes to charging stations, there aren’t many available. This makes it all more difficult for the users to travel. They need their cars to do more mileage and the most Tesla cars are doing is 300 miles. With promise of going up to 400 miles, most people would obviously be more interested in EMotion. More mileage, better design, and better interior automatically mean more attention from the consumers. It does cost 29,000 more, but people who invest in electric cars don’t have much problem when it comes to finances. They wouldn’t mind spending extra cash if it meant getting a better experience. Fisker has accomplished the task of getting people’s attention, and now all he needs to do is release a high-end product to the market, and I’m sure people will be all over it. Car enthusiasts were getting a bit tired of Tesla monopoly in the electric cars market as they didn’t have any competition whatsoever.

With Fisker’s EMotion however, things have changed, people are no curious as how this new vehicle will perform and if it does manage to snag away some of the customers from Tesla, then how will they respond to all of this. One thing is for sure though, more competition means better overall products for the consumers. Monopoly of any kind has never helped anyone. The brands realize that there is no one even coming close to their offerings so they slack off and don’t think about making any kind of improvements. Customers suffer big time because of this mindset. They have to rely on one brand for everything and even if the experience is not to their liking, they still have to live with it.

It was becoming the same for electric cars enthusiasts. Some of them were complaining about some things, but they couldn’t do anything about it because Tesla was the only one leading in the electric cars market. They either had to live with every feature that was brought with the vehicle or back to non-electric cars. Fisker has really stirred things up with revelation of EMotion, and now all he has to do is deliver on the promises. If the vehicle turns out to be as good as it is made out to be, then you can expect a lot of electric car users to migrate. This will force Tesla into improving their products as well, and the cycle will go on. In this tussle between the two tech giants, it’s the consumers who will win with better products.

Video Source: Mashable