The Best Google Chrome Tips and Shortcuts

Google Chrome after its release has brought on tough competition to Mozilla which was the most used browser at that moment, but after the simple and fast Google chrome arrived on the scene, it was a dilemma for the user whether to go for the simple yet fast Google chrome or the senior browser Mozilla Firefox. And this has lead to a stiff competition. So let us see what Google Chrome has to offer in term of shortcuts and tips to make Browsing easy, fast and reliable.

best Google chrome tips , tricks and shortcut for Google Plus

Use Chrome settings on the go by Syncing Chrome with your Google Account:

You must be wondering why we are writing about this boring Syncing option leaving behind many interesting tips, I must say this is the basic step to be taken before you start customizing your browser with all those cool extensions and shortcuts.

This means that you can have all the same Bookmarks, Shortcuts, extensions etc you have installed in your Chrome browser anywhere and on any computer, all you have to do it login to your Google account.

How to Sync Google Chrome with your Google Account:

1. Click on the Wrench icon in the upper Right of the browser
2. From the options which appear in the Drop box, Click on Settings
3. You see the option “Sign in” where you have to enter your Google ID or Gmail logins which will directly Sync your Browser settings to your Google Account.
This will ensure that your changes are also updated regularly whenever you login into your Google ID.

See Favicons in place of Tabs:

I personally found this trick really helpful as i have a lot of tabs open at the same time and the excess tabs get sidelined and it becomes difficult to search through the list. This trick changes the normal tab with a favicon and text to just the favicon in place of a tab.

How to convert a Tab to See just Favicon (or) How to Pin Tabs in Google Chrome:

● Place your mouse on each Tab and Right click
● Out of the options select “Pin Tab”
● This makes the selected tab just show the favicon of the following website

This is a laborious process to sit and do to all the tabs and there is no other way but to do it personally to tab, have to work hard to make it look good.

Launch Multiple Tabs or Websites on Start Up:

It is a custom to launch on Startup for all the people using Chrome Browser, but for people with little knowledge will change it to the website which they prefer to see on startup. On a daily basis i would prefer to Check my Email, Facebook, Twitter and Websites for updates Daily first thing in the morning on Start Up which is possible with this trick.

How to Launch Multiple Tabs or Websites on Start up:

1. Click on the Options button in the Top right Corner of the Chrome Browser
2. Select Settings from the Drop Down menu
3. There you will see “On Start Up” with “Open the following pages” where you can either use the current pages or you can enter the pages you want to Launch on the startup.

This is a very effective tool to save some precious time.

Automatically Fill Address with Auto-Fill:

There are many extensions and plugins which help you in remembering your login i.d and Passwords but the most irritating part in filling an online form is filling in the Address, if it is as big as mine. For Chrome users there is a Auto-Fill option which allows you to Feed in your address beforehand whenever necessary and the autofill option will do the rest and save you a lot of your precious time.

How to Set up Auto-Fill for address in Google Chrome:

1. Click on the Options button in the Top right Corner of the Chrome Browser
2. Select Settings from the Drop Down menu
3. Go to the Personal Stuff option in the left side of the page
4. Select “Enable Autofill to fill out web forms in a single click”
5. Now you have to click on “Manage Autofill Settings” and a Box appears where you will be having the option of filling your Address and Credit card details.

I personally will not prefer Giving out your credit card details, but the Automatic Address filling option is a very helpful one.

Bookmarks with Favicons in Toolbar:

Bookmarking has been an option which many use to save the websites which they think are useful and want to go back often. Why not make Bookmarking interesting and good to look at with this simple trick in Google Chrome which shows Bookmarks in your toolbar with just the Favicons.

How to Add Bookmarks af Favicons in Toolbar:

1. First Step is to make sure that Bookmarks Bar is always visible in Toolbar
2. Click on the Options button in the Top right Corner of the Chrome Browser
3. Select Settings from the Drop Down menu
4. Select “Always show bookmarks bar”
5. Next Step is to Edit the bookmarks to be seen as Favicons
6. Go to “chrome://bookmarks”
7. Right-click on the bookmark
8. Select “Edit” and then delete the text in the name box.
9. When you add a new Bookmark make sure that you delete the text in the name box which will make it seen only as a Favicon.

Convert your Favorite Website into a Desktop App:

Apart from making your favorite websites set to launch on Browser Start up and including in Bookmarks there is another trick which lets you access your website directly from your Desktop in the form of an App.

How to make your Favorite Website into an App:

1. Open a New tab and make sure you open the Website which you want to create an App for
2. Click on the Options button in the Top right Corner of the Chrome Browser
3. Select Tools which will show many options
4. Select the Create Application Shortcut
5. Which will lead you to a Box with options to select from
This will create an App which has an icon of the favicon of the website, which on clicking will launch the browser and directly open the Website for which the App was created.


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