The Essential Equipment for a New Office

Setting up a brand new office doesn’t have to be as difficult a task as it might initially seem. As long as you stay focused and make a comprehensive list of everything you will need to buy and set up, you should be good to go in no time at all. Don’t get distracted and start spending your budget on unnecessary extras. Stick to exactly what you need, and only consider buying non-essentials after you’ve bought everything you absolutely need.

All the Essentials

The first place to start is with setting up your services. Aside from the water and electricity, the most important service you’ll need will be a phoneline and internet service. Get the best internet you can afford as you will need to use it a lot. This is particularly relevant if you are planning on using a VoIP phone system, which also uses the internet. This is not the place to cut corners. Cheap broadband probably won’t be enough, so think about getting the best possible service available in your area.

Secondly, the technology is crucial. This will mean the computers and their associated products (keyboards, mice, printers, scanners) and the phone system, primarily. Panasonic phone systems are some of the best for smaller offices, as you can set up an efficient system using extensions and transfers, making it an ideal choice. As for computers, again, make sure you invest in the best. Slow computers with out of date software will only end up costing more in the long run, so start off with higher end models for the longest term solution.

Office furniture is another essential area. If you need to keep costs down at all, this is where you might be able to make some savings. Second hand desks and filing cabinets will be just as good as brand new, and you can always replace them when you have more funds available. The one piece of furniture you shouldn’t scrimp on is chairs. Make sure these offer appropriate back support and arm rests to avoid posture-related aches and pains.

There are lots of little things it’s easy to forget about. For example, make sure your stationery cupboard is well stocked with plain and lined paper, pens, staples and paperclips. Also, if you want to get branded stationery, such as headed paper or branded envelopes, do this well ahead of time. Ringbinders and plastic wallets can be used for filing. Finally, don’t forget to pick up some mugs, glasses, plates and cutlery. You’ll need the sustenance after all that moving in!

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