The Features/Improvements We Would Like to See in 2016 Smartphones

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives – so much so that we can’t even imagine our lives without them. Although the tech giants have provided us some amazing offerings over the years, but as always, there’s room for improvement. This year has just started and we will surely be getting latest iteration of smartphones from all the tech giants. Here are some of the features/improvements we are hoping to see in 2016 smartphones.

Better Battery Timings

Despite some amazing leaps in technology, one thing that always baffles us is the lack of battery timings in the modern day smartphones. Even when the phone is idle, the battery keeps on draining and it is very difficult to make a device last for a couple of days. Things get even worse when you start to perform some tasks on them as that makes the battery go down from 100 to zero in a matter of hours, especially if you are streaming videos or playing games. This needs to change this year. The tech giants should take this issue in account because it has been going on for far too long and is quite annoying. Not a lot of people can have constant access to a power source to charge their phone, especially those who have to travel on regular basis. Due to this reason and a lot of others, battery time should be improved.


Xperia has set a nice tradition of having a waterproof smartphone while Samsung followed suit with Galaxy S5, but now we want it to become an industry standard. It’s a huge deal to have such a device at your disposal because then you are able to use it wherever you want. Rumors are circulating that Apple’s upcoming offering will be waterproof, but we can’t say anything with certainty until it is officially unveiled. If Apple does it, then it is more than likely that other tech giants will also make it happen.

Better Digital Assistants

Siri and Cortana have been doing a great job, but there’s room for improvement. Better voice controls would be a start so that these assistants can understand what we’re saying to them without having to repeat it. Furthermore, AI companions must be given new applications, allowing them to perform multiple tasks. This could include ordering stuff from your favorite place, letting you know the travel time to your home without asking, and so much more. There’s potential in these AIs, but it needs to be tapped into. Hopefully, we will get more advanced digital assistants this year.

Improved Biometric Security

We have already got fingerprint scanning thing going, which of course is a huge help, but it’s now time we move on to better stuff. Facial recognition is not that big of a deal anymore, which is why we expect it to be present in every digital gadget in the modern day. Microsoft has taken the first step and has implemented Hello in Windows 10. This feature enables you to use facial recognition as security protocol. PIN codes system has gotten old and needs to go away, but for that to happen, companies must spend some resources into creating a working facial recognition or a heartbeat sensor security protocol. These features are quite helpful and the best part about them is that they are not easy to bypass.