The Many Ways to Deal with Twitter Trolls

Twitter has a family of over 500 million users from different cultural, social, ethnic, regional, religious and financial backgrounds. With greater diversity come bigger problems. Twitter, which is basically a great platform for connecting with people, has now become an ideal place for teasing, abusing, and harassing others. Twitter trolls are a serious threat to the long-term survival and popularity of this social media giant, which is why the company has done extensive research to enhance its security and privacy settings. Try any or all of the following features to give a good lesson to these culprits.

Use the Block Button

Why should you tolerate the degrading and rude behavior of others when you have a block button to put an end to it once and for all? Block every person who tweets something which offends or disturbs you.

Report to Twitter

Twitter is itself very conscious about its image and it tries hard to enhance its user experience. If you come across any unwanted or harmful content or someone targeted you by any means on Twitter, then simply report to Twitter team. There is a “More” option under every tweet and post. You can click on it and select the “Report” button from drop-down menu. Twitter is always concerned about the nature of problem faced by its users, so it asks some basic questions on what made you take this decision, was it spam or abusive content, etc. You can check the relevant box and press OK to complete the process.

Return Abusive Content to Sender

Reporting offensive tweets is a good decision, but it may not be enough to discourage the trolls. They may repeat this behavior in future or keep teasing other people, so here is an idea; fight fire with fire. Retweet the abusive content on sender page for trolls’ followers to see. Feel free to add some more words and take out your anger as they deserve this. After all, they are the one who started it. They will obviously feel embarrassed on getting exposed in front of their friends and family.

Flag Media in Tweets

Sometimes you receive media that is inappropriate or contain sexually explicit content which is so embarrassing that you cannot even retweet it on the sender’s profile. The best way to deal with this situation is flagging media to Twitter for review so that it gets deleted permanently and the sender is issued a warning.

Report to Police

If someone is teasing you again and again, or has done something beyond the normal limits like leaking your personal information, sending you threats on Twitter , sharing inappropriate content, etc., then simply report the posts and perpetrators to the police. However, be mentally prepared for the long hours of investigation and court proceedings as these things take time, money, and energy.

Share Block List

Twitter has introduced a really interesting feature for getting rid of unwanted tweets, especially if they are in bulk, Share Block List. This feature allow users to share their block lists, making it easier to block all those groups, pages, and people that share unwanted content. This feature is even more beneficial if the people you are sharing block list with have same followers and similar interests, or belong to the same community.


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