Free and unique online games

The most interesting and unique online games to add to your collection

Just as this world is home to all kinds of gamers, mobile games come in many flavors! You’ll notice some rehashing and cloning of the popular types on every platform. But you’ll also notice gems that are creative and original. Whether they are targeting the people who love mind-strengthening games or going after lovers of combat-styled ones, the creators know how to cater to their audience. They use beautiful graphics and creativity to come up with amazing distractions. Had we the choice, as gamers, we’d spend all day playing their productions!

Even if we can’t do that, we can enjoy an hour or two with our favorites. To that end, we present below a list to beat all lists of interesting and unique online games:

The Walking Dead: Season One

Both this season and the one released after it are two of the most mesmerizing games you’ll come across. They are deliberately light on the game play and focus more on the interactive story. In that sense, they allow gamers to immerse themselves. The tone and the atmosphere these games create will come alive even on five-inch phone screens! They are based on the graphic novels of the same name, which you’ll guess from the visual style anyway.

This is another popular game that you should not miss. It is a multiplayer first-person shooting game that is full of colors. There are many heroes and players are given the freedom to choose the hero they want and take part in the fights. The game keeps the players glued to it as it enables them to travel the world, build their own teams and chase the objectives to win the game by taking part in 6v6 combats. It is also described as Hero shooter. The game has become so popular that players use ow boost to progress faster in the game.

Second Galaxy

In Second Galaxy, you can quench your sci-fi cravings while also giving into your gaming needs! You land in a world that is just a gateway to thousands of galaxies. All of them are open to you to explore. In each galaxy, you’ll find stars, dark matter, planets, and many other surprises. Safely ensconced in your ship, you will take to exploring them one by one. As you do, you’ll come across other players with whom you can trade. You’ll have to pick a role, such as that of a merchant, a bodyguard, or a transporter when trading with real- world players. Does that interest you? Then get one of these best gaming smartphones and start playing!

Booger Boing

The name alone may make you pause and reconsider your choice. But when you determine the highly bizarre nature of this game, you’ll scratch your head some more. And then there is the game play, which is even weirder! That’s because to play Booger Boing, you must shoot through your nose a booger.

The projectile should navigate around obstacles to reach its destination, i.e., the level goal. You won’t have tissues to wipe your schnozzle on and neither will you be allowed to use nasal spray.

We’d suggest blowing off your nose once or twice and then leaving it all to your gaming finger! Here’s what you can do in this game:

  • Adjust the direction and strength of your flings
  • Remain within the safety that the green parts of the nasal walls offer to you
  • Keep away from the many dangerous creatures that populate your nose
  • Prevent your gaming self from ending up submerged into the vast mucus pool that you can spot the bottom
  • As you play, the game offers you chances to earn coins
  • What do you need coins for while residing in a schnozz, you ask? To accessorize your boogers with hats, glasses, and other things, of course!

You’ll love the upbeat track that plays along as you do. Trust our choice; don’t be discouraged with the um nasal nature of this game!

Milk the Cow

Since we are in a bizarro world now what with the nasally-flavored game we mentioned before, let us continue trekking this landscape. With this choice, we may lose some more of you, but we will persevere fearlessly!

The game tells you that you’ll have to get your hands dirty. That’s because you will be doing exactly as its name suggests, i.e., milking a bovine animal on your phone. Once your bucket is full of lactic goodness, you’ll find out how well you did. The faster you fill without spillage, the better your scores will be. So, get ready, set, and milk!

Desert Rally

Unlimited gamez mo has never let you down so far. They don’t do that with this choice either! You end up in a desert with the sun bearing down on you punishingly. Scorched roads lay around like the tongues of panting dogs on this hot day. Fear not because your jeep stands close by and it is ready to rumble. The more expertly you steer your vehicle, the better your chances for winning the game.

Shadowgun Legends

For the gamers who constantly lament the fact that mobiles have yet to match the quality of a console-level game, we hear you! While this choice may not fulfill that criterion completely, it does come pretty close. To begin with, Shadow gun Legends is a first-person shooter game, and it just might be the best of its kind in all the app stores. You will be present in a base camp that sprawls more like a city. Here, you will go shopping first – for armor and arms, of course! Once you are bristling with those, you can let your hair down a bit and gamble – this replenishes your in-game currency stocks. Need something that isn’t mainstream? You have a black market to go shopping there for such items. Sure, the game asks you to make certain in-app purchases, but if you don’t want to spend, get around those.

Excellent gameplay and convincing stories for missions will keep you in the game. You’ll be unlocking puzzles one minute and blasting your way through enemies in the next one. The firearms – at least the more exotic ones – will remind you of the iPhone game, Destiny. Keep obtaining those and trying them out to make things interesting.

Parting thoughts

This ends our list. We promised unique, and we’d like to think we delivered. In fact, with popular games like the Walking Dead and bizarre ones like Booger Boing, we think we have more than delivered. Set forth thus and conquer these games and make us proud, won’t you?