The Role of Women in Technology

Whenever the topic of technology is discussed, people usually point out the males who have done so much for it. Now their contributions definitely aren’t in vain, but similar credit should be given to women in technology who have contributed so much to the field. Nobody even talks about them and every time there is convention or a conference about technology, all we hear about how males helped shape it up. Seeing the lack of credit that females were receiving, we decided to highlight five women who have made significant contributions in the field of technology, but aren’t discussed as much as they should be. Let’s start with Ada Lovelace who created an algorithm back when the word algorithm didn’t even mean anything.

Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace is the first person ever to become a computer programmer and she become one before computers or even electricity were brought to life. Born in 1815, Ada always had passion for numbers, and in that era, she developed an algorithm that was supposed to be carried out by a machine. She was one of the odd ones, like most of the visionaries are but she was able to predict future machinery and their usage before they were even invented. People talk about Tesla and how he changed the course of technology, which he did. However, Ada Lovelace deserves equal credit for being the world’s first computer programmer.

Martha Lane Fox

In late 90s, when people were unsure about what internet would become, Lane saw its potential and founded in 1998. The website became a huge deal and helped her become UK’s most power digital campaigner. She was later inducted in House of Lords, which is a huge honor.

Susan Wojcicki

Susan’s father was a physics professor and she lived on a campus with mathematicians. Living amongst such intelligent people inspired Susan to create a vision of her own. She wanted something that would help people all over the world, and she did just that by creating the first ever Google Doodle – the platform which went on to become world’s biggest search engine.

Belinda Parmar

Belinda Parmar is UK’s campaigner who is urging more and more women to come in the field of technology. She is a founder of Little Miss Geek and CEO of Lady Geek. She has run multiple campaigns for women and was recognized for her efforts with an OBE award. She explains her campaigning practices as: “Diversity is important in any industry, but is especially relevant when it comes to technology. Tech is the way that world talks to each other.”

Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook is currently the most popular social media platform. It is being used for all purposes and has become a household name. The lady at helm of all of it is Sheryl Sandberg. She was hired by Facebook back in 2008, and then she went on to become the first ever female board member. Due to her dedication to the platform, she was assigned CEO of Facebook and she takes this position very seriously. She has been improving the platform since taking control, and she is always trying to help other women get into tech industry as well.

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