The Use of Technology in Football and How It Has Improved the Game

Technology has made our lives a whole lot easier and now it is making its mark in different sports. Multiple sports are utilizing technologies to enhance the experience of the players, and football is one of them. Previously, people were pretty reluctant about using technology in football as they believed that it will ruin the fun of the game. However, as soon as they started to implement tech, they started to see how it improved the overall experience. The technology in football and how it helped enhance the game has been discussed in this article.

Goal-Line Technology

There have been countless incidents in football history where the players thought that they put the ball across the goal-line but it was ruled out by the referees. Incidents like these led to a whole lot of problems as the teams whose goals were denied believed they were cheated out of victory. The players also got affected as they felt angry about not getting reward for their effort. Whenever an incident like this occurred, it was usually the referee who had to take the blame for all of it. This of course was annoying for them and affected their overall ranking. The referees are human after all, so mistakes like these were bound to happen. This is why fans and teams started asking FIFA to come up with a system that will provide clear-cut results so that everyone gets to know the reality and move on with the game.

Football association tolerated the hate but didn’t do anything about it until very recently. In 2012, goal-line technology was approved by FIFA, and since then, it has been used in 2014 FIFA World Cup, English Premier League, and 2015 FIFA Women World Cup. Goal-line technology utilizes the Hawk-Eye technology which tells referees whether the ball has crossed the line or not. Instead of thinking over the same incident over and over in their head, knowing what actually happened allow players to move on with the game. This way, players are able to keep a calm and calculated head, hence avoiding all the trouble.

Vanishing Foam Technology

Another issue that occurred in the football matches on regular basis was when the free-kick taker took the ball too far from the given spot or if he moved it in a direction he shouldn’t have. This problem was present in almost all matches as free-kick takers usually moved around the ball to their advantage. However, all of this changed as soon as vanishing foam was brought to the game. Now, as soon as free-kick is awarded, referee puts vanishing foam on the field so that the free-kick taker can keep the ball behind it. By doing this, players avoid useless fights with other teams, allowing the game to go smoothly.

SMART Replay

There’s no questioning the fact that skills are required in football, but if those skills aren’t utilized properly, then the team will not be able to function. This is where the role of manager comes in as he has to make strategies against every team his team faces. SMART Replay provides all the goods here as it enables managers to look at the other team’s strategy and how they normally function. After looking at the footage, managers devise plans and explain it to the players. Replays help here as well, as the manager can tell the defenders how the strikers move forward and how they can hold them back. Similarly, they explain to strikers how the opposition’s defense usually acts so that they can be prepared for the showdown. Tactical advantage is a huge thing nowadays. Having skillful players might have won the leagues for the teams back in the day, but that’s no longer the case, as now the managers have to devise strategies in order to come away with the win.

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