The Void to Deliver a Whole New Gaming Experience

The Void Takes Virtual Reality to a Whole New Level

You’ll be able to enjoy different gaming genres with friends through this amazing VR headset.

We have been waiting for a virtual reality machine that provides us with truly next-gen experience, but so far, we have been disappointed. However, the newly revealed VR headset called The Void is hoping to change that. We recently got our first look at it and it looks awesome.

In the video which you can check out right here, different scenarios have been showcased in both real-time and how they look through the headsets. You’ll be thrown in the middle of the battle where you will be shooting at enemies all around you and if you have got friends to play with, then you are in luck as The Void also allows you team up and play in co-op.

Some genres you’ll be playing through this headset include shooters, horror and medieval RPGs, which even feature giant-sized dragons as well. The best part is that you don’t have to face any of these foes alone as you can always team up with friends.

Not a lot is known about The Void at the moment, but if it turns out to be as good as is shown in the video, then it won’t have too much problem gaining its footing.


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