These are the Most Popular Operating Systems in US

Microsoft Windows has been dominating the computer operating system market since coming into existence, while iOS and Android have been platforms of choice for the smartphone users. Despite being challenged by some new operating systems, these OS have managed to hold their own and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that these three platforms are the most used operating systems in the US. Due to its high demand, Microsoft Windows is number one on the list of most used OS. Windows is followed by iOS and on the third number we have got Google’s Android. Let’s dive into each of these popular platforms to see why they have become so popular.

Microsoft Windows

First of all, let’s shed some light on Microsoft’s Windows which has been a first choice for most of the computer users since forever. The reasons behind it are pretty simple – Microsoft came up with Windows when computers really needed it and made people accustomed to their style. People got so used to their style that now even Microsoft can’t change what they’ve created. They tried to change the overall interface with Windows 8, but the backlash was huge and they had to switch back to the more traditional style in 8.1 and 10. Another reason people prefer Windows is because of its focus on gaming. If anyone is purchasing a computer in order to play some games, then their operating system is going to be Windows. PC gaming community is huge with more people joining in every single day. Almost every PC game ever made can be played on Microsoft Windows, but sadly, the same cannot be said about the other OS currently available for computers.

Apple iOS

Apple had difficulty getting started, but soon they became an unstoppable force that’s continues to go strong even to this day. The launch of each iPhone is a major event in the US as people line up to get their hands on the latest versions as soon as they are made available. Apple has to restock their latest phones on regular basis because of the soaring demand. The success of iPhones has led to a lot of new peripherals from the tech giant and all of them have established a specific niche for themselves. iPad and Apple Watch are the most recent examples as they have both been a huge success despite their high price. Apple devices are immensely popular in the US, which means that their second position won’t come as a surprise to a lot of people.

Google’s Android

Finally, we have got Google’s Android. With most of the smartphones boasting this ridiculously popular open-source mobile operating software, it comes as no surprise that it sits on the podium. A large number of people prefer Android in their smartphones due to its amazing features and its huge collection of apps. Android might have been the third most used platform in the US, but if you take into consideration smartphone sales globally, you’ll see that Android is definitely more in demand than iOS. Android phones are available in different price range, which means that people who can’t afford expensive products can still enjoy a slew of smartphone features at cheaper price. This has been one of the major reasons for Android’s popularity and it doesn’t look like it would fade anytime soon.


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